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  1. On 8/17/2022 at 7:06 AM, tanknovice said:

    The September meeting will be our annual retro frag swap and will be on Saturday September 17th at Doug (ddeurloo) and Cheryl's (redfish) home. 

    Time 4-6

    Address 10873 Olivia Ct Indianapolis IN 46234

    They have a 300 gallon display and a 500 gallon system. Make sure to bring a notebook and camera sop you can take notes about one of the best designed fish rooms in the club and a water storage system that could fill a swimming pool.

    The retro frag swap is no tanks/no lights/no heaters old school-  just frags in coolers to buy sell and trade.  Bring cash with you to the meeting or set up trades. Posted thread specific for the retro frag swap in buy sell and must be a member to access that post. 

    Please note the date is the third Saturday due to MACNA being on the 10th.


    I'll be there!

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