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  1. I can help! I work until 11am, but am free after that.
  2. I plan on coming and will bring a dessert and gift.
  3. I am looking for some help and guidance setting up my DOS and possibly plumbing a UV sterilizer. I am willing to pay someone for their time and guidance. Please text me at 317-748-6267.
  4. Thanks Ryan! Mike Miller reached out yesterday and is helping with and recruiting some club members.
  5. I'm in Oaklandon. It's a sump set up and I believe I have everything. I will be moving the tank into the house this weekend.
  6. I have a 155 bow front that I need help setting up. I bought it used and I'm new to the hobby and I don't know enough to do it myself. I am willing to pay for the help and guidance. Please text me 317-748-6267. Thanks, Susan
  7. We will attending, not sure what I'm bringing yet.
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