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  1. I'm looking at buying 1 or 2 cheap pumps to do water changes with. I have one for my saltwater mixing stage and I am curious if I can use the same pump to fill my freshwater ATO when it runs low or since it will have been exposed to salt water will that be a problem? I kinda doubt it's enough salt to make a difference but I figured I'd ask.
  2. Sounds like fun to me! Shoot me a text 3179794481.
  3. Hey all I’m Jimmy, I’m new to the saltwater hobby and am really looking forward to getting to know everyone. Right now I’m in the soaking up knowledge and planning what I want my tank to look like stage. I am a big Pacers fan and my family has had season tickets for over 30 years. I’m also a bit of a cigar collector with likely close to 2000 cigars. I’ll likely be selling off a small portion to help kickstart this new hobby!
  4. When Mike was showing off his epic 600 gallon beast last night he mentioned I should join this forum and come to this meeting. I'm planning to attend if I can!
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