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  1. Thank you to everyone who helped make this years swap a huge success. Already looking forward to next year!
  2. @kyle079 thanks, Kyle! What day works for you? He is off work on Monday. Works at the barber shop till 6 Tuesday thru Friday. He works till about 2:30 on Saturday’s and off on Sunday.
  3. It doesn’t look like anyone wants the 150 gallon tank so I’m going to take it off the guys hands and help him get it out of his basement. Anyone willing to lend a hand by chance? Only need to get it from his basement to my truck. I’ll take it from there. He lives in Fishers behind Newbritton Elementary 131st. Connerknoll sub. If you can help, THANK YOU, and shoot me a text with some days/times you are available. 317-801-1946.
  4. To be clear, this tank is FREE to a good home!
  5. My barber has a 150 gallon tank that he never got around to setting up. He overheard me talking about INDMAS and said that he is happy to donate the tank to us as long as we are able to get it out of his basement. He is older and no longer wants to put the time and effort into it. He lives on the north side in Fishers. *NOTE* it is a 4 ft tank so relatively tall. It is also not drilled, so not reef ready right now. I have included pictures here. I spoke with Mike and Doug and we all agree that we would love for someone in the group to have it, if they can use it. Please let us know if you are interested. If so you must: -Need the tank and plan to set it up, aka not take it just to sell it -Be willing and able to move the tank from his basement to your home. This includes rounding up some people to help. I am happy to help move it as well. Happy to help someone in the group and Happy Reefing!
  6. I will be there and Kylee is planning on coming with me. I will contribute to the gift exchange and we will bring puppy chow chex mix desert. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  7. This is the video I was telling most of you about at the October meet up!
  8. Well…certainly didn’t see this one coming 😨 https://youtu.be/oZ7-IFpkZ5g
  9. I can no longer make the LFS trip but I will still be at the meeting!
  10. I plan on being there for both. Will see if I can get Kylee to come but likely will be a solo trip for me this month. Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  11. Here is what worked for me in my Dino fight
  12. Came from a great tank! Thank you!
  13. Latest and greatest in the fish room!
  14. Got tired of seeing a corded rats nets under the tank. Check out the new video on how I built a simple controller board!
  15. New video! I was in a pinch and needed an ATO for my third tank and didn’t want to spend the money on an expensive unit. I surprised myself at how easy and cheap it was to DIY this simple ATO! Any new subscribes would be very much appreciated!
  16. I attended my first meeting at Craigs house for the summer social and had a great time. I believe I heard that the group may be having a hard time finding meeting places. I am more than happy to host a meeting at my place in Fishers. Let me know if we need a place to meet anytime soon! Feel free to text at 317-801-1946
  17. It was great to meet a lot of you at the summer social. Just uploaded a new video. The predator tank is finally cycled. Check out which fish I get first. This is going to be a fun tank!
  18. Thanks for having us, Craig! I believe I saw someone taking pictures and videos. Whoever did, do you mind texting them to me as long as everyone is okay with me adding them to my next YouTube video? Thanks again and see everyone next time!
  19. I plan on being there and will likely bring my wife, Kylee. Looking forward to my first meet up!
  20. Found a tiny Lion fish. Can’t wait to watch it grow. Be on the lookout for my next video where he will be featured!
  21. This one might be my favorite so far!
  22. Not the most exciting video but hopefully relatable!
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