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  1. Make sure you are subscribed!
  2. A lot of changes recently. New video up now!
  3. Save $$$ and build the stand yourself! New video out now. Happy Friday!
  4. Thank you! That means a lot. I was pretty nervous to start the channel but I’m enjoying it. Make sure you subscribe, I’m working on a cool one now that will be out tonight or tomorrow. I’ve already changed so much since that video 😂 one of the reasons I thought I should start filming this chaos.
  5. Great deal on a couple gyres from a local Indy North side reefer! Almost ready for coral!
  6. Ever think about building a fish room? Watch how I did it! Latest video is out now!
  7. Thank you everyone! Bear with me on the first few videos. I’m learning more and more editing tricks every day and just purchased a better computer for video editing! Appreciate the support!
  8. I just started a reefing YouTube channel. I’m based in Fishers and would appreciate any support from my local Indians reefing community!
  9. @ReefNewby82 told me pics of my upgrades over the last year or they didn’t happen lol. I got you! 







  10. Thank you! Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  11. I’m really looking forward to the next one. I saw that I just missed the last meet up by a couple days after I joined.
  12. New to INDMAS. I have heard a lot about the advantages of local clubs on various podcasts and YouTube videos but didn’t know this one existed. Can someone fill me in on what the next event is? It looks like I just missed a meet up.
  13. Happy to be a new member. Looking forward to connecting with all of you and sharing knowledge! 

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