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  1. this will morph into a 60 or 80 I am sure in a year. If i need to rehome. I will for sure. I am fish heavy but stats are fine for water chem. like you said happiness and space for them./. we will see how things pan out. I love the tank though. its coming along well. Added some sticks... lets see how they grow,
  2. https://www.marinedepot.com/jbj-automatic-top-off-nano-ato-with-pump?gclid=Cj0KCQjwlvT8BRDeARIsAACRFiXsdJ2tIDGyhWDM4FfzWVJMg9dyRkhjf9AZWDpQpwYNr04iDp5RX-QaAi5GEALw_wcB
  3. I have the JBJ nano. it worked very well on my pico. it was like 100 new. i will sell to you for 60... let me know. I used it for like 2 months... maybe 3.... Dawn
  4. I did 50% WC. last night. then doing another 50%. good news is. the tank is spotless the SPS are all with very nice PE. and the paramters are spot on... chaeto is MAD though... we will see if it can pull through. if not. ill get more. the Bubble is out of the fuge it seems. Ill check better tmr too. I pulled the rock and scrubbed and H2O2 it...
  5. yes. great on bubble algae... etc... BUT DUMB ME>... yes... WAVES HAND>. I am DUMB.... it is killing the chaeto. Why I did not connect the fact that chaeto is an algae toooo
  6. moved powerhead locations. trying the end of the tank. ( i dont like the look but I like the flow... ) Heres. FTS. 10/20/20
  7. Im smaller. (40g total water volume so I worry my tank will go cold/HOT quicker. ( thinking winter or summer with no climate control in the house..) will look into a generator. I was thinking of a make shift vortech backup for atleast the mp10 until I got home and could run the generator.//. thoughts on how much generator? Im thinking smaller heater. TV and fish tank. fridge
  8. what are you guys using. ( please be specific in your set-up plan for a power outage. for example.~~~ apex to remain powered so it can control the pumps? and how does it know it goes to battery. ( is that possible)? if not. what do you do? I was thinking to have the return pump and one powerhead since sump has half my water volume. do you run heaters? what do you run specifically and how? thank you Dawn
  9. pay no attention to the back wall. we ahd hoped the pain would match and it didnt. so repainting a wall is next ... and getting that fuge to keep kicking butt and get tank sparkling
  10. added the doors tonight. WOW. what a lot of work. we hand made the doors. the stand and the cabinet. custom!!!! I am thrilled
  11. back up to 31 today. 0.1. so I did receive the rowaphos I ordered today so that is in the high flow area of sump in a bagie for now and fuge is online for 12 hours tonight. shawn had his chaeto lit 12 hours too so it should be good. i hope it gets the levels down.
  12. shawn gave me chaeto. and I have it in the tank along with the new fuge light. ( H160). and then I am good on my level. I did the third 50% water change. so my metals should be way down too. and I sent off another ICP test to start the dos i hope. likley. this week. but by the weekend for certain.
  13. i am now.. and I was actually able to tell alexa to log todays results. and they are 13. thank good ness. 0.04 now.... I had no idea the test kits wasnt testing what I thought it was and feel so dumb I have only had the apex online for a few days. working on getting the trident and then the Dos online.
  14. 0I was under the impression 46 ppb on the hanna checker was good. that was 0.046 ppm. BUT THAT is phosphorus not phosphates. OMG. I am at like 0.14. no wonder I have some unhappy LPS today.... SO i added 1/2 cup of GFO, and tmr I get the chaeto from shawn. MAN I feel dumb again!!!! Dawn
  15. Well. she is JUST about done. a little more. and then to tidy the cables and set it all up in fusion
  16. YEAH>>>. wellll. NOPE> not a good idea. because yup. ~~~~. metal rusts~. while you are waiting to get the super cool acryllic top made. I ordered an ICP test and tin and aluminum, iron etc is high. FLIP over the metal reptile screen I was using ( due to major jumping fishies). and CRAP>>>> so now I get a 50% water change and then I will do several more 20% water changes. LORD>>>. I am stupid. Dawn
  17. Thank you very much, I actually using A couple different scopes, and They vary in length from Over thousand to just 250 mm, I was starting out with a camera That was modified but I quickly moved to a mono camera And I have several ZWO brand cams and I also have 1 QHY that I love. I do have a color camera But the mono work so much better because of the light pollution.My phone numbers 317-430-1010 You are welcome to call me and we can talk geek anytime you wantAnd you're also welcome to come by and I can help you or you can just watch us image one night or whatever... ITS expensive just fyi LOL Dawn
  18. I saw those. I went looking after I saw your design —- boy —I like yours. But —I chose to do the holes above so the flat plugs would not work well with the reverse of the cord. I do like your layout though. And they were only 1 foot long. I wanted 2 foot for more room. Since I was inset 8 inches.
  19. getting started. even got some Orange covers for the cords and will be labelling them for ease on reverse side. the back side will be a challenge for cable management for certain.
  20. Thank you guys.... I have all the pieces to the puzzle finally so I will be putting it all together this weekend!!! Tmr night !!! and Saturday I hope.
  21. Looking forward to having him do a custom lid for me, and dosing container holder. THANK YOU Dawn
  22. its really coming along.~~~~getting closer. HOLY SCHMOLY... now to let the marine spar on top dry and then add a second coat. and apply the goodies to the front. and the LED's. SO hopeful it will all work out
  23. SO for now atleast I plan to use modified voss dosing bottles. ( painted orange of course and then the lettering removed and maybe even custom printed the CORE & triton stuff or atleast a label LOL> I need a container of sorts to hold them. I only have about 13 inches so the one thats already made wont work as I have to lift them too high to get them out. althought it is nice. basically these bottles will be sitting on the floor fo the cabinet and when i move the cabinet out for maintenance etc. I dont want them to topple. so a clamp or something. even and OPEN guide and then I can secure with a. strap?
  24. still have to trim the top bottom and sides. apply the LED; apply the orange hole covers. Apply the 6 shelves in the back to hold onto the power bricks etc. and then marine spar and apply the apex stuff. SO excited!!
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