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  1. I got one today~~~. let's hope he makes the QT... got him from Jeremy. I have the naoku wrasse ~pistol shrimp.~ yellow watch man a barnacle blenny and the starry... I FW dipped them and into the QT they go. ~~`we will see.,,, Dawn
  2. looking for fishy ideas. I AM stocking the nano with some cool ones I would like so far,,,, black ice ocellaris clown goby neon goby barnacle blenny mccosker flasher naoko wrasse royal gramma firefish ~~~ other thought are blue spot jawfish yellow coris wrasse ( but i want a mandarin someday). and cant have both.... also~~~ desire a midas blenny violinist eyelash or whatever it is~ super cool blenny and then a shrimp or two... this is a 22g and a 30g sump... would love a bright blue. ( not damsel they are meanies). but would love some cool fish ideas,,,, Dawn
  3. i was told its a violent eyelash blenny. BUT I cannot find it. I need the genus to be able to get it ordered from jeremy @ modern...
  4. those are awesome. where did you find them??? I love your build
  5. vey very nice. I like the aquascape half moon lagoon. very nice..
  6. TANKBUILD Plan 22g bookshelf. rimless UNS 36x12x12 with the Bathsea 36x18x16 sump Day 1:Moving the little pico into the BRAND NEW 10g frag /QT tank for corals. 10g with UV filter in tank. HOB for carbon and pinky floss and aeration. MP10 in the coral tank for now. ( ordering a little wavemaker for it_.mp10 goes into display... With the help of Luis I was able to seed the frag tank to get it started with a chunk of his LR....and also some extra for the DT sump for some added biodiversity. I got the 36 Bathsea sump from Roush2000. ( NOW the sump is bigger than the DT. LOL) I DIY the stand myself...with 2 holes drilled for the piping.~~ and then I will start the plumbing this week. Fish are holding strong in the little pico for a quick minute while I get the DT plumbed (I am winning against the DINOS. finally...~. Got a good set of frags too from Luis today and some starter rock. I spent a considerable amount of time dipping and cleaning and then I remounted everything I needed too and remounted all mine. I have some really ticked off corals. (mostly zoas that a closed up SUPER tight... BUT~~ now into the frag tank for 30-45 days. ( FWIW. I am on a mission to ONE day I~~~~ frag this 22g reef tank LOL~~~but for now~~~. this si the hospital/ frag tank until the beginning or mid sept ~. THEN they will go into DT. I want to make SURE dino are gone and I have the DT under control. Jeremy at Modern hooked me up with a pretty acan today too Super exciting///. and crazy to swap all this at once. LOL. PHEW. I'm tired~~~ been nothing but fishies for 12 hours today... and I am not done with display. I did get the light bar made last night too. it will hold the 24 inch 4 bulb. ATI T~and then reef LED too to boot. AGAIN. ty Jeremy at Modern... Shawn sold me the aquamaxx skimmer he had~FC-120. and I will bring it online along with the jebao UV sterilizer and then a second MP10 I decided to drill the side and chose a MEDIUM eshopps overflow. WITH luck~ the water line should be 1 inch. which makes the lights at at 11 inch off the water when hanging, The QT tank adopted the 80 tuna blue and controller from the pico and the fish can go ALL NATURAL or use the little baby light I have....for the next day or two. (kitchen has TONS of light for them). and less stress for fishes) CONCERNS<<<< the temps for all the dipping and transfers. etc.... we got down to 75 for a bit... ... the diff in alk and chemistry as a whole for the frags. (but most of luis are opening). ~. my super ticked off zoas arent ~. If i dont lose a couple corals from going nuclear on my pico 4 days ago. ( but it helped with dinos) I would be surpirsed. Luis frags are VERY NICE.. Plan for sump is to grow LOADS of pods~ and I have 2 pod hotels in there. I will have some marine pure block and sponges in the sump too. for. nneede aplications. ( pop up tanks etc..) only have one heater but getting a second and a controller BUT did add a small power head for now with all that nice rock from Luis~and did give them a little MB7 and some phyto toooo. PLAN for QT is WC every other week.. for now... and for 14 days running Prime too heres some snaps. all the nice looking frags are his. LOL Welcome suggestions....
  7. Marine spar. SINGLE coat. PERFECTO!!!! Thank you
  8. UPDATE>>>>. nuclear response today..... MY PLAN i have tried the temp increase above 83. I have been dosing MB7 and 460 and waste away no real change. FINALLy my nutrients are up~~~Today they measured 0.177ppm Phosphate and then 20 Nitrates. So basically I went kind a nuclear on my tank and I dumped all of my zoas~~~ it's basically all my corals in hydrogen peroxide to kill all the algae on them and then rinsed and fresh water and then suction crap out of everything and dunked most of the rock. It's only a 4 gallon pico so I have that luxury, I siphoned the sand I scrape the sides and Did a water change through a 10 µ sock but dump the water back in twice. Fish are completely ticked off~~~ probably lost every single coral which includes about 12 zoas. a candy cane~ an acan~ baby hammer ~a mystic Montipora and a red Monti cap. Lets hope NOT!! ok...NOW I am covering it airating it with an airstone and dosing dr tim refresh for 3 days then back to the waste away ~LETS pray. I have added 3 bottles of copepods in the 2 months I have had the tank it was started with LR and LS but tooo clean and I had a baby refugium on the back. I changed the GAC today and threw in some pinky floss to try to catch the HOB ref is gone and has been for a month. I have an algae that comes off easy with a brush and looks like Green ( in tank looks brownish somethiish but out of tank its green). NEW plan THANK YOU reefnewby... to go to QT tank with corals. 3 fish to the 22g long and then QT the corals to ensure NO DINO>>>. before into main DT again. Now i get another tank LOL. THANK YOU and welcome ideas too.
  9. Thank you I am going to attend the meetings for sure. I'm super excited about it and I have been looking at some build threads. and plan to make one here too!!! I think I have a pretty decent idea of how to beging.. but I just wanted to see if anyone was bored And wanted to get out of the house ~~~that's no problem I can always change things of beauty of the~Hobby and the beauty is only having a 22 gallon tank and not a 300 gallon tank so I appreciate you getting back with me I have a 22 gal. longAnd I'm using a 20 gallon longAnd I have to 22 through on theLeft hand and then I'm getting used to hang on the back return.I have a UV Secondary to having this Dino case~~~ I want to make sure that I can kind of possible future and Then I will have about 10 pounds of live rock and then caribsea life rock The live rock will be in the sump and maybe a brick or two of marine pure as well.
  10. THANK YOU~~~yes this is with MANY HOURS of images combined. like 10-12 for most. Then several hours of processing them. Our brains wont allow us to see because it "clicks the shutter too fast for us ( even if we hold the eyes open). LOL
  11. Dosing and feedings.. sump layout. to UV or not skimmer schedules and why you run 24 hours or not and how to tune it Maximizing flow and plumbing. connecting all the dots below the tank..
  12. I TOO. look forward to seeing other setup and learning and then offering help. Dawn
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