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    16G Cube, working on 40 Breeder setup

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After 25 years, I am getting back into saltwater and reef keeping.  My first job in high school was at a LFS and I spent every bit of money I earned on bringing aquariums and tanks home.  All were saltwater fish only.  Slowly getting back into saltwater.

I have a 16G up and running and starting to introduce corals.   Fish: pair of Platinum Clowns hosting in black widow nem, Six-line Wrasse, Yellow Watchman Goby paired with Randall's pistol Shrimp.  Inverts: 1 cleaner shrimp, emerald crab, 3 nassarius snails,  Coral: A couple of kinds of Zoas.  Light: AI Prime 16HD.  Running a 10 gallon sump with filter sock, protein skimmer, and fuge with Chaeto.

Working collecting items and making a stand for my next tank, a 40G Breeder.

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