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  1. My bad I guess I miss understood I guess I better get my facts straight
  2. I just saw today that bulk reef supply bought out neptune systems
  3. Thanks allen I definitely learned a lot at the meeting and what a fabulous tank definitely was worth the drive down.
  4. Ya I'm gonna try and do that but I dont think I'll have time to run home.
  5. I noticed there's a frag swap in indy that day also. The coral farmers market idk if that's why nobody is signing up to go or not
  6. Thank you and your wife for the rock its gonna be nice
  7. I use the kamoer X1 I never had any problems with it and it's pretty accurate. It's also priced pretty reasonably. You can get it in the bluetooth or wifi
  8. Glad u signed up seen you on the live stream lastnight
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