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  1. Hello there I was just wondering how you guys frag your encrusting montipora, cyastreas, and stuff like that
  2. I'm gonna try and make one meeting this year lol
  3. Sorry I didnt attend someone in my family got sick so I had to take a covid test because I was at work around someone tested positive so I had to quarantine til my test comes back. I really wanted to attend my first meeting. Hope to see you all at the swap next month
  4. I think I'll attend my first meeting since signing up in march
  5. Mag needs to be in the 1300 range
  6. Hello there I have a AI Prime HD that took a crap on me this morning. When I woke up the fan was terrible loud. I took it apart and cleaned it and put it back together and still makes the same noise. I put a ticket in on the AI website and said it will be one business day til I hear from them. Idk if I can wait that long til I get a response back. So I'm asking anybody has an extra light I can borrow or buy at a decent price. I did wanna upgrade so I might just buy the brand new hydra 32 but wanted to check on here first because at a time like this dont really have extra money to spend since I'm out of work for now because of coronavirus shut down my work.
  7. Jb87

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    Thanks me too
  8. Jb87

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    Ya I agree
  9. Jb87

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    Ya that's foresure I've had my battles with algae then I get my po4 and no3 to low and corals arent happy then I let them raise then i get algae again
  10. Jb87

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    Ya I love mine had a lot of ups and downs in 2 yrs with the 32 gallon biocube
  11. If there's still volunteers needed I can do it just let me know where and what time XL shirt please
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