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  1. I have a pending join request for our group on reef2reef. Want the badge on my profile so that I can promote the club. Does anyone from here monitor that? I've noticed quite a few middle indiana Hoosier on there that may not be members... id like to promote our group...
  2. I also looked at the kessil 360w but a lot of the reviews I read said after 2 years they were junk. Anyone else have this happen or is it isolated? I want LEDS so I dont have to replace MH bulbs. That's what I used to run
  3. Thanks for the links. Loved the first video about the T5 fixture. Makes me feel better about that purchase.
  4. Other than aesthetic value is the dawn and dusk cycle important. What if the T5s were on a timer to come on before the LED lights and go off after would that work?
  5. Planning a 125 build. 6ft long. I've been all over the internet looked at hundreds of reviews, and just cant seem to come to a solution for lighting. I am considering the Aquatic life 61" 4x80 w T5 hybrid fixture with 2 Kessil ap700's mounted in it. I will use 2 blue+ and 2 coral+ ATI T5 bulbs. I want to do a mixed reef with a little of everything, softies, LPS, and SPS. I've been out of the hobby for years and there are way more options and opinions than before. Thoughts on the choices? Anything different that would be recommended?
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