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  1. Hey everyone so I purchased an oceanic tech 120g this past August, and I’m nearly ready to get it up and cycled. what I’m wondering is 2 fold. First, the tank is used and was leak free a day before I picked it up. I’ve noticed, however, that there is a little bit less silicon on an area of one of the corners. There’s definitely silicon still there, but it is a little less than everywhere else. Part 2, the tank was in my garage for a month before I got it situated in my apartment. But it’s been sitting in my apartment for about 4 months without water. And most likely will be dry for another month or two. I do have a 40b up and running with a few fish that has required top off so the air is not dry. my question is should I be concerned about the seals failing. I’m a member on R2R as well and have read all the horror stories about getting a tank filled only to have a seal fail. I got the DT, 40b, and stand for about a sixth of what a new 120g would cost. I just don’t know if I should be concerned enough to look into resealing the tank or not. thanks!
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