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  1. Here is my final FTS of my tank. We will move out of state and I will have to shut it down in the next few weeks. Very sad as it starting to come in its own…. Learned a lot and thank you for the wonderful time I had at the club meetings. I will try to start a new tank once we settled in our new home state of Connecticut. Hopefully they to have a wonderful engaging MAS club!



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  2. Made the same mistake! Just my experience not to discourage you, but it took a good month to 2month before chaeto grew again after stop dosing vibrant. The one that was in my Refugium completely melted a month later I added a new ball, with no success either. Only now I see robust macro algae growth. Also if you chaeto is melting it will release all of the nutrients back into the water column. Why did it take that long? Vibrant is mostly a bacterial product, these bacteria will settle and grow on substrate and as such doing water changes will not get rid of them. So they have to run it’s course. My suggestion would be to pull your chaeto and wait a few weeks or a month before reintroducing any macro algae, but it just my two cents.

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  3. I build a DIY battery back up for my MP40. That should last (never tested it, something I should do one of the days) 4-6hours (maybe even longer) to provide circulation and enough gas exchange. Nothing else currently. However contemplating getting a generator for just in case. 

  4. On 9/29/2020 at 8:42 AM, MrsBugmaster said:

    That stinks! That has happened to me to, it never goes back the same way. 


    On 9/29/2020 at 9:01 AM, cmrun said:

    Been there, done that... one of the trade offs with stacked stone versus a supported structure (glued or drilled and joined with a plastic rod etc.).

    Like you said.. a few more frags to trade in a month or two, and hopefully the tank and corals will look like they've always been positioned like they are today. 🙂

    Thanks Guys! I think after the initial shock I calmed down. Corals already show signs of healing. Fingers crossed all goes well!

  5. One of my new corals from the swag swap decided not to stay in place. So in the afternoon I thought let me quickly glue the coral back into place before I go on to other house projects. While glueing the coral done I pushed a little to hard and my “stable” (that’s what I at least thought) completely tumbled down.  That certainly induced a level of panic.......

    After multiple tries to get the rock work back to the original layout and more and more coral fragments littering the sand I had to set back contemplate the fact that I have to except the fact that I will not be able to and should just put it back together with a new layout......New rock layout on the right in the pic below

    Well on the positive site more frags to sell/trade in the future.....Forest fire digi anybody?




  6. Hi All,

    Just thought I share my Retro Frag Swap Haul form last weekend (all the coral’s on the frag rack - minus the dragon soul Favia). Puffdragon couldn’t make it but was nice enough to meet up with me on Monday in Indy to make up for the frag swap miss. Thanks again to all attendees and Eric for hosting....




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