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  1. I build a DIY battery back up for my MP40. That should last (never tested it, something I should do one of the days) 4-6hours (maybe even longer) to provide circulation and enough gas exchange. Nothing else currently. However contemplating getting a generator for just in case.
  2. Cool to use Alexa to log the data into Apex! Sounds like you have it handled!!!!
  3. Hi Dawn, are you using your apex to log your testing results?
  4. Cheryl & Doug, thank you for having us. This was truly inspirational!! Hope all will go well and you guys can host again to show off your finished product!!
  5. Welcome to INDMAS. Seconded all the comments made. Make it fun and enjoy the progress....
  6. Thanks Guys! I think after the initial shock I calmed down. Corals already show signs of healing. Fingers crossed all goes well!
  7. One of my new corals from the swag swap decided not to stay in place. So in the afternoon I thought let me quickly glue the coral back into place before I go on to other house projects. While glueing the coral done I pushed a little to hard and my “stable” (that’s what I at least thought) completely tumbled down. That certainly induced a level of panic....... After multiple tries to get the rock work back to the original layout and more and more coral fragments littering the sand I had to set back contemplate the fact that I have to except the fact that I will not be able to and should just put it back together with a new layout......New rock layout on the right in the pic below Well on the positive site more frags to sell/trade in the future.....Forest fire digi anybody?
  8. Good choice! It shouldn’t happen again! Oh well I just jinxed you.......
  9. Nicely done!! Looking forward seeing it in action!!
  10. I planing on being there, and happy to take notes for you! Enjoy the Birthday bash!!!
  11. Thanks Bob! I’m very excited getting them into their more permanent place soon!
  12. Yes indeed very excited, the tank is taking on more and more shape and color.
  13. Hi All, Just thought I share my Retro Frag Swap Haul form last weekend (all the coral’s on the frag rack - minus the dragon soul Favia). Puffdragon couldn’t make it but was nice enough to meet up with me on Monday in Indy to make up for the frag swap miss. Thanks again to all attendees and Eric for hosting....
  14. Already RVSPed - However wanted to mention will bring two Miami Hurricane frags and a green Monti frag. Don‘t have pics.
  15. Nice progress here! Hope it will turn out the way you want it.....
  16. Very nice, I’m curious how do you deal with light pollution around a metropolitan area? Aer Yo-Yo going to special places to take these?
  17. You can put the apex into local discover mode. Press and hold reset button for 5 sec. This will but apex into WiFi set up mode. go to your phone’s WiFi Settings and choose the apex network. then go to a browser and connect to apex.local. it will directly ask you for your new WiFi settings
  18. Thanks! Had a little of a set back with an STN event, but things seem to be back on track!
  19. Thank you both! Hopefully I will get some good coral growth over the next month to come! Finger crossed and knock on wood.....
  20. Thought I share a recent full tank shoot here. Making progress to fill the tank..... Over the recent months I battled Dino’s, GHA, and a mild cyano break out, but feel I’m on the right track. Any tips for taking good FTS, beside getting rid of the reflections....
  21. Mmmmh nobody replied to your Post yet. Still a noob myself here, but attending the monthly meetings at members home is a great way to see different set up’s! When I researched for my set up it helped me to browse the build threads on Reef2Reef! What are your plans for your upgrade?
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