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  1. Sorry will not be able to make this one. Would have loved to see the progress....
  2. Welcome to INDMAS! Have fun and feel free to ask questions!!
  3. Made the same mistake! Just my experience not to discourage you, but it took a good month to 2month before chaeto grew again after stop dosing vibrant. The one that was in my Refugium completely melted a month later I added a new ball, with no success either. Only now I see robust macro algae growth. Also if you chaeto is melting it will release all of the nutrients back into the water column. Why did it take that long? Vibrant is mostly a bacterial product, these bacteria will settle and grow on substrate and as such doing water changes will not get rid of them. So they have to run it’s cours
  4. I build a DIY battery back up for my MP40. That should last (never tested it, something I should do one of the days) 4-6hours (maybe even longer) to provide circulation and enough gas exchange. Nothing else currently. However contemplating getting a generator for just in case.
  5. Cool to use Alexa to log the data into Apex! Sounds like you have it handled!!!!
  6. Hi Dawn, are you using your apex to log your testing results?
  7. Cheryl & Doug, thank you for having us. This was truly inspirational!! Hope all will go well and you guys can host again to show off your finished product!!
  8. Welcome to INDMAS. Seconded all the comments made. Make it fun and enjoy the progress....
  9. Thanks Guys! I think after the initial shock I calmed down. Corals already show signs of healing. Fingers crossed all goes well!
  10. One of my new corals from the swag swap decided not to stay in place. So in the afternoon I thought let me quickly glue the coral back into place before I go on to other house projects. While glueing the coral done I pushed a little to hard and my “stable” (that’s what I at least thought) completely tumbled down. That certainly induced a level of panic....... After multiple tries to get the rock work back to the original layout and more and more coral fragments littering the sand I had to set back contemplate the fact that I have to except the fact that I will not be able to and should j
  11. Good choice! It shouldn’t happen again! Oh well I just jinxed you.......
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