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  1. Check out Tractor Supply Store, I know they have water storage tanks.
  2. Bummer! Hope it will heal quickly!
  3. I like it! You need to invest some time in learning to program it to set it up. However there are a lot of great resources out there. A series of great articles by SunCrestReef on R2R is a really great resource to do more then just the bare bone minimum in my opinion and help me greatly! https://www.reef2reef.com/ams/neptune-apex-programming-tutorials-part-1.685/
  4. Hope you figured it out, but wanted to mention that you can daisy chain all the aquabus „usb“ cables. Once you put one from rather base to the eb823 you can add one from the eb823 to the DOS. If you have some other components you can use the additional port on the DOS to add to the system and so on. Did you use the wizard to Setup AWC? I had some issues in the beginning put was able to figure it out.....
  5. Nice, got a Planet and very happy with it! Good luck - keep us posted!
  6. Sad, but right decision! See you all at The Reef on Saturday.....
  7. By chance stopped by the Reef this afternoon - They packed with a really nice collection of hammers, torches and frog spawn. They turned on the blues - well What can I say - already have an eye on a few pieces. Plus, Kevin told me that they are getting in an additional 500 frags for Saturday!
  8. Jeto2004

    New member

    Welcome to the club!!
  9. Thank you all to the Feb INDMAS meeting! It was a pleasure to host you!
  10. Can be a floater at 10am or you tell me were there is still a need.
  11. Here is a teaser photo of my set up! Excited to host the INDMAS Feb Meeting! Looking forward to hear everybody’s insight how to progress!
  12. Thanks for Hosting - enjoyed the meeting and to see such a huge tank!
  13. @MrsBugmaster thank you for hosting the XMAS meeting! It was a wonderful afternoon. And I’m stoked that I walked away with my first coral!
  14. Hi All, Don’t know if this is the right forum, but anyhow - got a little carried away and made salty saltwater - a little to salty (currently at 43 ppt), can’t dilute any further as my 65 gallon drum is already full. Don’t want to waste it. Anybody interested to take 15 gallon of my hands?
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