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  1. Thanks! Had a little of a set back with an STN event, but things seem to be back on track!
  2. Thank you both! Hopefully I will get some good coral growth over the next month to come! Finger crossed and knock on wood.....
  3. Thought I share a recent full tank shoot here. Making progress to fill the tank..... Over the recent months I battled Dino’s, GHA, and a mild cyano break out, but feel I’m on the right track. Any tips for taking good FTS, beside getting rid of the reflections....
  4. Mmmmh nobody replied to your Post yet. Still a noob myself here, but attending the monthly meetings at members home is a great way to see different set up’s! When I researched for my set up it helped me to browse the build threads on Reef2Reef! What are your plans for your upgrade?
  5. Maybe rudimentary - reef chemistry - why are we doing the things we do? I’m sure you covered this in the past but sure a refresher would be reasonable I would be interested in learning more about taxonomy of corals Recently I was start to think if crystal properties of CaCO3 dictates the shape of corals or are they indeed limitless
  6. I second lifereef skimmer. Easy to set up and dial in. Depending on space extendable to increase capacity and you can run any pump that meets minimum requirement with it. Works well for me.
  7. Here is on of the recently discovered sump galaxy......who says you can’t combine hobbies....
  8. Mike thank you for hosting - what an incredible setup! Thanks for sharing with us!
  9. I will try to make - since it’s so local to me 😁
  10. @cmrun Thank you to you and your wife for hosting the summer social! Great tank and house! It was nice to see everybody who attended!!!
  11. Check out Tractor Supply Store, I know they have water storage tanks.
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