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  1. Thanks so much, i might be driving down to greenburg.
  2. Hello Fish Friends! My local shops around here are not very convenient nor stocked well. I wanted to try and order online. I noticed we had some online sites on banners on our website. Does anyone have experience just buying fish out right? What website do you recommend? Thanks!!
  3. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/jyd4bab0db9545k/AAB8TtksVQx7WUJZg0W15kWIa?dl=0 what do I do!? I swear to god my peppermint shrimp just released thousands of babies!!
  4. Phosphate is sitting at .25 ppm
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qwgq28hj08djiap/AACB2hQWKwcMDQRJeP4xKjQKa?dl=0
  6. Yes!!! This is Brooke! I’ll take a pic now
  7. Hey everyone, How to i get control of massive amounts of green algae. From my knowledge its lots of snails, and crabs, or clean up crew. Making sure im feeding correctly, not too much food. I have a protein skimmer, a canister filter, with UV light and carbons, and bio balls. An excellent clean up crew is in place just bought about 15 snails and crabs. i have 1 clown fish, watchman goby, two peppermint shrimp, a pistol shrimp, and a purple Haitian anemone. im running an LED light strip, i dont think its powerful enough for my tank, so im wondering if that might be the problem?
  8. the pinking on the rocks, that isnt cyno is it? Good to know!!! thank you John
  9. the pinking on the rocks, that isnt cyno is it?
  10. Hey guys! I just purchased the watchman goby and pistol shrimp pair and I’m wondering if I put them in the tank wrong? The shrimp I’m pretty sure is digging a hole and the goby is swimming around freely. Once they get comfortable in the tank so they pair up? Or should I have done something different before putting them in my tank??
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