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  1. I'll be there Edit.... I will not be able to make it. Just got called I for a work emergency.
  2. Not sure if I'll be able to make it today.
  3. Is there any way you can repost the steps to fix this?
  4. @mattyp54 @Scott58 please give me until my day off tomorrow to look into this. I'm currently working 16 hour shifts. I do apologize for the inconvenience.
  5. I will be there with Dawn Bullock with potato salad.
  6. Thanks Amanda for hosting the Christmas party! I had a great time, the food was great, and was glad to see everyone that came out!
  7. Well it looks like the blue velvet damselfish is the culprit. I've had frags end up on the sand bed that were sitting on my frag rack. I've been watching and waiting and finally caught him going to pick at a piece and completely pull the frag plug off the rack! Time for him to go!!
  8. @ryansweet I just read a thred that said they had a yellow tail eating his coral. Looks like that one will be finding a new home. I've had 3 spotted and neon blue damsel and never had any issues. I will get that one segregated tonight.
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