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  1. Do we need more volunteers? I can proly do Friday evening ? Let me know so I can show up. Large t shirt.
  2. I could always view for sale items until today.
  3. I'll be there! Looking forward to seeing yall and picking up some new pieces
  4. I will be there. Not sure what to bring ? Beer ? Maybe convince the wife to make some homemade cookies ! See yall then
  5. I plan to attend my first meeting since I joined at indmas 2019.
  6. Hey I'm justin mccabe joined Saturday at the frag swap 2019. Saltwater has always been something I've wanted as a little kid. Now I have a 75 gal corner tank bought second hand. Mainly a fowlr tank slowly getting into corals. I have a friend who has been helping me alot with the tank big shout out to Robert! Anyways hope to meet more people and build friendships learn and grow.
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