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  1. Pretty sure...it’s the API 5 in one test strips.
  2. My birds nest has started to bleach. After looking at water parameters everything is good but my PH is about 6.5. Was going to do a water change but the PH in the new water is also around 6. I’ve read the best way to raise it is to use Kalk in the ATO reservoir. Any thoughts or other suggestions?
  3. Found this little guy on my glass tonight. I pulled him just to be safe. Based on what I have read these are bad right? Help me INDMAS experts...you’re my only hope! 😁
  4. I tried to siphon when it was a small patch and couldn’t get it out. I’ll try again on my next water change.
  5. I am assuming that this is the dreaded Cyanobacteria. Is my best bet to nuke it with chemiclean?
  6. Im watching YouTube videos of how to do it an they are saying the same thing! Im not dumb after all my wife will be happy 😁
  7. So I bought the Salifert Calcium, Alk, and Mag kits. I am having trouble (or I’m dumb one of the two) with the syringes. When I pull the reagent up the amount inside is way different than what the picture shows in the instructions. Is this normal?
  8. Finally made my first gallon of RO/DI water!! Thank you all for your help!!!
  9. Ok here’s the dilemma now. I can’t put the drain valve above the trap because the trap isn’t big enough. I can’t put it on the metal (like the guy at Lowe’s said to do). Any thoughts?
  10. Yeah after looking at a diagram I realized that’s what it was LOL.
  11. So after further review I think this is the waste water line. I just don’t know why it has a ball valve on it.
  12. The used ro/di unit I bought looks like the waste water line is being cycled back through the ro membrane. Anyone know if this is normal?
  13. I thought about doing that. Hope no one flames you too bad! If it works for you it works lol! I bought a used ro/di unit from a guy hopefully it works lol.
  14. I am looking into getting the RO/DI filter (I found one used fairly cheap lol). The Reef said they use Reef Flowers salt in their mix. I had tested it and the levels were normal but I’ll test it again tonight to double check! I am so grateful for this club! Everyone has been so helpful and kind!
  15. I tested my water tonight and my alkalinity (carbonate hardness) is at 196.9 and calcium is at 340. I have the esv bionic 2 part but haven’t been using because the alk has been higher. My question is how do I raise the calcium without raising the alkalinity? I just did a 10% water change last night. I have been using the premixed salt water from The Reef. As always thank you all for your help!
  16. Sorry to be that guy again but noticed this on my chalice plug that wasn’t there before. I went to pop it off and it came off easily. Any ideas??? (Again sorry for all the questions!!!)
  17. So I know it’s a little blurry but after moving a rock around I noticed this coming out of one of my rocks.....need some help with the ID!
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