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  1. The live sand really isn’t live sand just water with some bacteria so it can say live but it has a clarifier which does work. Easier to go with live sand IMO. When I first set up my Waterbox I first cycled dry rock with Dr. Tim’s with the ammonia additive in a large tub. I did not set up the tank until that rock had cycled for 2 months. When I set up the tank we landscaped put in live sand and immediately put in the cured live rock that had cycled with Dr. Tim’s. Added our RODI water…. By the next day I had added green chromis and clowns and never lost a one. The advantage to this way was it helped me avoid the ugly stage.. Once the tank was set up i started dosing MICROBACTER 7 on a weekly basis. Once the tank was set up I really worked on just building a good bacteria foundation and started adding copepods and amphipods…. Also, I know dry rock is easier to work with when you landscape because you can glue in place, harder to glue wet rock. But what I did was made a template of my tank bottom and I glued all my dry rock together.. did a mock up then I took all the glued rocks and put them in the tub to cure…easy peezzy
  2. Should have (3) new couples sign up for membership to INDMAS and should be attending this there 1st meeting. Vince should be joining the club tonight. Vince & Katie Roberts Paul & Janet Rhonda & Curtis Bowen
  3. I made the mistake of using my actual name on setup and would like to change to a nickname for my INDMAS account. Only past post was in 2016 and could not find any other setting updates for changing profile/user name. How can I revise and update my profile name?
  4. Has anyone ever used and had success with the Tank Matez Hydraulic fish traps? going to be selling my 4-5” two-spot bristle-tooth Tang but need to find out how to get him out of the tank safely. He is fat and healthy and I need to find him a bigger home than my 190.
  5. We will be bringing our world famous 24 hour salad
  6. Would it be alright to extend an invitation to a possible new member and his wife?
  7. Great condition with manual $130 Had it on our 100 gallon reef tank and it was one of the best skimmers I've owned, just don't need it since i now have a bigger tank.
  8. Great, I'll have them with me as well as -Finnex 300watt heater tube -Aquamax HOB skimmer Look forward to meeting you!
  9. $ 10 each for the Seachem Phosphate (2) and (1) Copper test kits (75 tests per kit) $ 15 Red Sea Nitrate Pro test kit (100 tests) expiration date on box 8/2019
  10. I have (2) Seachem multi-test Phosphate kits and (1) Seachem multi-test copper kits that are unopened.
  11. I'll also be bringing unused test kits and unused Finnex heater tubes.
  12. Welcome to the club ! I live in Carmel let me know if you need any help.
  13. On the calendar and looking forward to it. I'll be bringing a 1/10 HP Artica chiller no longer needed to re-home.
  14. Hello, this will be my first meeting with the group and I'm really looking forward to attend. My wife and I will be bringing potato salad. We live in Woodfield subdivision down the street and it will be great to meet new friends!
  15. Please let me know how I can get more involved. I really believe this would be a tremendous value to several of the members.
  16. Looking for other Marine reefer heads that might be interested in reciprocating assistance with their Marine Reef System when either out of town on business or vacation in the Carmel area. I have a dog sitter but if something goes south on the reef tank I'd like to have an emergency contact to come and change out the filter socks or empty the skimmer. Thought I'd try this route before hesitating to call the neighbors. I would gladly reciprocate watching your tank system. Looking at starting a small network to help each other out which would offer us all peace of mind as opposed to a tank crash. Integrity & honesty are a must! I also put this on the Nextdoor app to see what type of response I would get.. I'm sure I'm not the only one that would be interested in this option.
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