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  1. I made the mistake of using my actual name on setup and would like to change to a nickname for my INDMAS account. Only past post was in 2016 and could not find any other setting updates for changing profile/user name. How can I revise and update my profile name?
  2. Has anyone ever used and had success with the Tank Matez Hydraulic fish traps? going to be selling my 4-5” two-spot bristle-tooth Tang but need to find out how to get him out of the tank safely. He is fat and healthy and I need to find him a bigger home than my 190.
  3. We will be bringing our world famous 24 hour salad
  4. Would it be alright to extend an invitation to a possible new member and his wife?
  5. Looking forward to it. We will be there !!
  6. Great condition with manual $130 Had it on our 100 gallon reef tank and it was one of the best skimmers I've owned, just don't need it since i now have a bigger tank.
  7. Great, I'll have them with me as well as -Finnex 300watt heater tube -Aquamax HOB skimmer Look forward to meeting you!
  8. $ 10 each for the Seachem Phosphate (2) and (1) Copper test kits (75 tests per kit) $ 15 Red Sea Nitrate Pro test kit (100 tests) expiration date on box 8/2019
  9. I have (2) Seachem multi-test Phosphate kits and (1) Seachem multi-test copper kits that are unopened.
  10. I'll also be bringing unused test kits and unused Finnex heater tubes.
  11. Welcome to the club ! I live in Carmel let me know if you need any help.
  12. On the calendar and looking forward to it. I'll be bringing a 1/10 HP Artica chiller no longer needed to re-home.
  13. Hello, this will be my first meeting with the group and I'm really looking forward to attend. My wife and I will be bringing potato salad. We live in Woodfield subdivision down the street and it will be great to meet new friends!
  14. Please let me know how I can get more involved. I really believe this would be a tremendous value to several of the members.
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