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  1. I would love to host a meeting this year, but we need for the COVID numbers to get a lot better first. Maybe in the fall once most of us have the vaccine? In the meantime, if we don't have a monthly meeting scheduled and a few (no more than 6-10 I would think) peeps want to get together via Zoom to discuss a topic that could be interesting and I could even put together a few discussion slides to structure the conversation a bit. If any interest let me know! Brian
  2. Hey all, As a follow-up to the meeting, here are the promised links to Dr. Randy Holmes-Farley's articles: His article listing on reefkeeping: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/author/rhf.php Dinos: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2006-11/rhf/index.php Iodine: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2007-04/rhf/index.php#17 Silica: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2007-04/rhf/index.php#14 The last two links are just a portion of one article. I think the entire article is worth reading (it is about most of the things we "dose" in our tanks). Brian
  3. Hello all, Following up to January's meeting I am starting this thread to encourage people to post suggestions for educational topics they would like to see covered in 2021. I'm happy to prepare what I can and research topics if needed. So what do you want to learn about in 2021 about our hobby? Brian
  4. all excellent responses! I will consider these over the next couple of days and post a suggested topic or two for the September meeting! More soon! Brian
  5. Hello INDMAS members! I am working on developing educational topics for the fall INDMAS meetings. I wanted to open this thread to allow all members to suggest potential educational topics. What do you want to know more about for your reefing? Let me know and I'll get to work! Brian
  6. Thanks! I spent another 10 minutes tinkering with them and I THINK I have them set properly. Temperature is rising and I will watch them for the rest of the day to ensure the temperature levels off. Brian
  7. Hey all, I just went down to my aquarium this morning and found that my main controller is reading 101F for my tank. This was a bit shocking, so I tested the temperature manually and it says 69F, phew. So my main controller is toast. First I just put a couple heaters in on their own to start bringing the temperature up. But I have two Finnex HC-810M heater controllers that I can install as backups. However, I cannot locate the manuals and can't seem to set them properly. Does anyone have a Finnex HC-810M manual? I cannot find one online. Lacking that, does anyone know how to set them and can talk me through it? Brian
  8. I will be there! PRobably bring my son as well. Brian
  9. I will be there, since I'm the host and all Looking forward to seeing everyone again and meeting new members. I will be happy to walk everyone through the lab and I will also have a brief presentation on my visit to Sustainable Aquatics in TN that led to modifications for our lab and projects. We will provide some sandwiches, soda and light snacks! If anyone wants to bring a dish of food to share you are welcome to do so! Cheers, Brian
  10. Hello again all! I'm looking forward to attending my first INDMAS frag swap tomorrow! I also am going to finally start a proper Research Lab System build thread on the forums here shortly. But I thought I would post a couple of teaser pictures now. The first picture is the 120 gallon in wall display tank that sits in the corner of the lab. This first picture is when it went "feet wet" on March 18, 2018. The second picture is of the Phase 1 research system which consists of 4 10-gallon tanks and 2 20-gallon tanks. Total system tank volume is approximately 275 gallons. The Phase 2 larval system will bring us up to over 300 gallons in the near future. I had a great time at that June social and hopefully get to meet more new people tomorrow! Brian
  11. I am looking forward to meeting everyone at the social today! Ryan to answer your question our non-profit is focused on improving sustainability of the hobby through breeding and education efforts. We are still ramping up our research systems, but i have previously grown phyto, bred two species of snails and Banggai cardinalfish. I would have succeeded with clownfish if i hadnt needed to shut down my systems when i moved from Texas. We are currently just acquiring broodstock to form breeding pairs and get a reasonable collection of coral colonies for fundraising. I will post more info soon when i get time on the laptop. Brian
  12. Hello all! My name is Brian Plankis and I'm one of the board members of the new non-profit the Ocean-Aquarium Foundation. We are based out of Indianapolis (all of our board members are from Indy) and I am looking forward to getting to know everyone here. We just created our account today and will being posting more information about us soon, just making sure the account works first. The plan is for some or all of our board to attend your June 23rd social, looking forward to meeting everyone in person! Cheers, Brian
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