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  1. Hahaha, you do have nice corals for sure
  2. Hey, this is a little late, but my recommendation. Facebook is typically a good place to sell stuff. Full setups typically go for around $1000 if they are larger. The higher the asking price, the longer it'll take to sell. If you piece it out, you'll get back a lot more. If you don't mind shipping equipment, you can sell it on Reef2Reef. Unfortunately, this site has less traffic, but you can try selling it here if you still have it.
  3. That looks great! How's the nitrate and phosphate now? You want detectable for both or else you are asking for dinos to start taking over. The green tinge should go away on it's own, but is hard to diagnose without a microscope. Many things can cause this. UV typically helps, but can be pricy.
  4. It has been a while since updating this, so I'd thought I'd add what's happened on the way. Back in September, I overdosed iron and caused a dino bloom. I was trying to get my chaeto from dying and thought it was low iron, but I didn't test for it. Another showing of don't dose anything without testing! I've mostly rid the LCA dinos from my tank with continued silicate dosing, H2O2 dosing and stable parameters. I lost a few corals from the dinos and parameters changing, but everything is coloring back up and growing well again. During and on the way out of dinos, I had a bubble algae explosion, which I'm trying to get under control. It's more visual than anything else, but I'm slowly trying to handle that. I don't want to dose vibrant due to the risk of dinos again from the die off of the bubble algae. I might have to get a filter sock to help in the manual removal. My foxface and orange spot rabbitfish are slowly helping, but with an 8ft long tank, there is a lot of room to cover. I'll have to update with more photos later, but here are a few of my favorite corals. I also started a tik tok, which I almost daily add a video. Feel free to add if you have tik tok! Tik Tok Profile Link
  5. The updated one should be https://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/124/listings
  6. @tanknovice Is there going to be a speak this year? I haven't seen anything about one.
  7. I would not worry about the nitrate. I'd get some GFO and lower the phosphate slowly and manually remove the algae.
  8. My thought is that you are adding calcium with the kalk, then since it is so high, it is precipitating out the alk you are adding. I'd worry about getting your magnesium up to 1450ish (makes it less likely to have alk precipitate) and calcium down to under 450. Then, try to raise your alk slowly.
  9. Figured out what the nitrate spike was... It was user error. My nitrates were actually 1.9ppm. Make sure you clean the Hanna checker bottles super well. It can leave nitrite in it and throw off your tests. Also thank you @MrsBugmaster. I hope other start updating their threads and maybe we can get this web alive again!
  10. Are you dosing just kalkwasser? If so, a lot of kalkwasser has an imbalance of alk (Dkh) and calcium. I personally dose kalk to keep my calcium stable and raise PH, and then dose a little alk from 2 part to keep up with my alk. I haven't heard of alk dropping with a CO2 scrubber. My alk drops about .28 per day, so I dose 16ml of Alk 2 part and nearly 2000mL of kalk a day. The kalk pretty much double functions as my ATO. This is also on a 240 gal aquarium with mostly SPS (still frags). How are you testing your alk? Do you have a different way to confirm the all test numbers? Also if you try to raise it, do it slowly, like .25 per day.
  11. I had a recent scare in my tank. Not sure what happened, but my nitrates tested 58.8ppm for two days on the Hanna checker. I think it was the gunk in my skimmer, but I tested a few days later and the nitrates were at 9.8ppm. I'm not sure what happened, but I cleaned my skimmer neck and cleaned out my sponge in my sump that quiets my refugium baffle. None of my corals looked like they cared. Great polyp extension and color.
  12. It is an amazing grower too. I'll have to try to photo dump this weekend. I can only do 2 photos per post. Here's an updated full tank shot, and a photo of my favorite coral.
  13. Ok, I don't see many build threads being updated anymore, so I have to update mine: The tank has been doing really well. My nitrates are only detectable because I dose 75ml of neonitro every day. My phosphates hang around .05. I feed 3x per day. 2x with pellets from my AFS (small amount each turn, but 3 turns per feeding), and 1x frozen in the evenings. My livestock: Threadfin Fairy Wrasse Blue Flanked Fairy Wrasse Longfin Bannerfish Blue Hippo Tang Chocolate Mimic Tang Sailfin Tang 2x Frostbite Clownfish Coral list: ARC Fireworks Acro ASD Rainbow Milli Blue (or green? it is coloring up) and Orange Chalice CB Beastmode Acro Cinnamon Grandis Palythoa Fox Flame Acro Garf Bonsai Acro Golden Pavona Grafted Plating Montipora Green Monticulosa Acropora Green Slimer Acropora Long Polyp Toadstool Red Plating Montipora Leptastrea Monet's Madness Cyphastrea Orange Rainbow Chalice Pink B*****s Chalice Purple Stylo RRU Bleeding Avenger Acro Red Plant Acro (2x) Red Rainbow Chalice TCK Rainbow Stag TGC Cherry Bomb Acro TGC Northern Crush Acro UC Dippin Dots Acro Unknown Saved Acros (3x maybe PC Rainbow?, ??? and ???)
  14. Wow, it's been a while since I've been here, moved and set the tank back up. I'll go through what's all been done this evening.
  15. I would manually remove what you can with a syphon and then make sure your GFO is working. Only do a little at a time. It'll take a while for the cyano to go away. Sorry, life has been busy!
  16. I definitely agree with @ryansweet. The best way to think about algae is that it took you months to get there, so it will take you a lot of time to get back. I agree the hydrogen peroxide will be beneficial, but should be done once the parameters are stable. Your first concern should be stabilizing your nitrate and phosphate. The problem with nopox is that it will starve out your algae in your turf algae scrubber. I'd be more worried about that, keeping your nitrates under 20, and phosphates under 0.1. Your phosphates will probably be the hardest since your rocks will start leaching the stored phosphates. At this point, you want stability to get your tank healthy and able to support the growth of the beneficial bacteria and such, and then you can start knocking out the hair algae. If you don't wait for it to stabilize, you'll have hair algae problems again.
  17. Personally, I wouldn't. It would be too risky for me. Also that is a good start for the hair algae.
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