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  1. Loving the chalice! How are you controlling nitrate/phosphate?
  2. Sad I missed it! Anyone have pics from the meeting? Mike has one of the nicest setups in the group and it is great to get inspiration off of! Hope the tank is doing well!
  3. Maybe once I can get a little return on investment, the wife will let me upgrade the stand. She said the tank is beautiful, but needs fish now, lol. For those of you that know me, my life is always... active... I was talking to someone on Facebook about fish, and guess what! My Facebook got hacked and banned. Good things Facebook has a chat/support team to call (they don't at all... it has been a nightmare). Oh, well. Another thing to add to the list. Wish I could have made the last meeting, but life is always busy with a 5 year old, 20 month old and a demanding career. Hopefully, I can start attending actively soon again.
  4. Might add a few fish soon. Nitrates are near 0, ammonia and nitrites had a mini cycle. Everything is looking good though! I did the whole 90% planning and still 50% winging it, lol. I had a small leak on the main drain on the left hand side due to a bad seal. I added more sealant and let it sit for a day. It seems to be good now. I installed the chaeto light, but ran into a major issue with it... I tightened down the PVC disconnects too much, so when I bumped the plumbing, it moved the bulkhead and got sand into the threads and seal... It took a few days after work and a few tools, and a sore neck and back to loosen them up, clean them and reinstall them... Got the fuge light installed though! Murphy's law, am I right? My thought for the skimmer issue was to cut the end off from the side of the stand and make a door on the side, but looking more into it, it will be really hard to reinforce well and not worth the effort. I might try cutting the acrylic and making a door... We will see. I also might just leave it as is and clean the skimmer body with a shop vac and a scraper. We will see! Light are installed and ready. I'm going to 3D print something to keep the lights on the hood when I lift the hood. I might eventually upgrade the lights to be installed with tv wall mounts. We will see! (Media bag was moved below to the sump today)
  5. Also let's see if anyone here has a better idea than mine about the skimmer! WWYD? (what would you do?)
  6. We rocking everyone! After hours of transferring water, rock and sand, the tank is coming together! I leak tested it and I have 2 leaks on the same return. One was the bulkhead fitting and the other was the disconnect. The bulkhead fitting was a pain. It was cross threaded and very hard to reach. I tried pipe wrenches at first and they kept falling off. I tried silicone pads to get a better grip and they wouldn't work. Went to Lowes and got a strap wrench, still didn't work... Finally, I got the following adjustable wrench and it worked! https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-Adjustable-Wrench/1002645196?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-plb-_-ggl-_-LIA_PLB_208_Plumbing-Repair-_-1002645196-_-local-_-0-_-0&ds_rl=1286981&gclid=Cj0KCQjwpcOTBhCZARIsAEAYLuUhnCkcWAWY8mCvBOz5SX9nZL1eLwEm3wt5XGEZdKSqPQshqO5CrQEaAsa_EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds After another hour messing with just the bulkhead leak, I finally fixed it! ...cross threaded fittings are a pain when you can reach them; imagine when they are hard to reach... One problem I knew from the start and I knew I'll have to deal with is that I cannot remove the body of my skimmer from my sump. I know this will bite me, but I have an idea to make it easier (and also make other yearly maintenance easier). Stay tuned for that idea! PS: bag of media is going to the sump as soon as I get it all ready. Also I put some safety clips on the doors since I have 2 little ones that could get hurt under the stand... They already have played under it countless number of times!
  7. I might have to design and 3D print a part to remount the lights on the algae reactor to avoid rust getting into the system.
  8. Hoping to get the rock in this weekend! I forgot I also have an older reefocto skimmer. My rock has been cycling with the algae reactor for 1.5 years, so we will see what kind of cycle I get! I'd think the light on the algae reactor would help some. I see pods running around in the rockwork.
  9. Looking to inspire others to start up or update their build thread! I am starting up my 240gal and posting on here so others can follow! I'm currently 80gal deep with rodi water in the tank, and waiting for more water. I'm going to recharge my leftover di resin to reuse and try to save a little cash in the long run. The following is my current equipment: 240 Gal Aquarium and Stand 2x Hygger 2000gph powerheads (Amazon) Orlushy return pump (Amazon) CF Grow 100w LED for refugium (Amazon) Icekap Algae Scrubber, small Titanium heater (not sure of watt and brand, might need a new one) Neptune Apex Neptune Trident Neptune ATK Custom calcium reactor 2 XR15s (looking at getting 2 A360WEs and a XR30) Got a good deal on the lights, so I am going to try mixing. I am going to go echotech, kessil, echotech, kessil, echotech to try to blend them some. I'm not 100% sure how I want to mount them, so I will make a PVC structure over them to hang them for now. I am also sure if I want the hood on either or to just leave it off.
  10. Thanks guys! A few are running into my acros, so I need to move them asap.
  11. Hey, I have some anemonies I want to remove from some rock. Does anyone have some tips and tricks? I would prefer to not move the rocks. Thanks!
  12. Methods of waste removal would be interesting. Pros and cons of: Refugium (different types of algaes and setups) Biological filtration (vibrant, biopellets, phosphate RX, nopox, gfo, ect) Skimmers Deep sandbed Water changes Algae scrubbers Aiptasia scrubber (a really bizzar one, but one I have heard rumors about) Filter floss/socks/roller Zeovit and triton methods are also something that can be touched
  13. Does this mean we will have an August meeting instead?
  14. I can actually make this one! It has definitely been a while!
  15. I'll be there and I am down for a bring a frag, take a frag if others want to do it.
  16. I know this is probably a little late, but anyone down for the old, "bring a frag, take a frag"
  17. Clearing data helped, thanks! I did get this error though: 2S119/1
  18. Hey, I am having a few issues with the website on my phone. I am not able to type anything or even use the dropdown menu to navigate around the website. I do not know if this is a local or server issue. I am able to view posts though.
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