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  1. Methods of waste removal would be interesting. Pros and cons of: Refugium (different types of algaes and setups) Biological filtration (vibrant, biopellets, phosphate RX, nopox, gfo, ect) Skimmers Deep sandbed Water changes Algae scrubbers Aiptasia scrubber (a really bizzar one, but one I have heard rumors about) Filter floss/socks/roller Zeovit and triton methods are also something that can be touched
  2. Does this mean we will have an August meeting instead?
  3. I can actually make this one! It has definitely been a while!
  4. I'll be there and I am down for a bring a frag, take a frag if others want to do it.
  5. I know this is probably a little late, but anyone down for the old, "bring a frag, take a frag"
  6. Clearing data helped, thanks! I did get this error though: 2S119/1
  7. Hey, I am having a few issues with the website on my phone. I am not able to type anything or even use the dropdown menu to navigate around the website. I do not know if this is a local or server issue. I am able to view posts though.
  8. I've missed the last few meetings, but I think I'll be able to make this one!
  9. I'll be there. I think the DIY frag rack is a great idea!
  10. I'll be there. It's my first social, so I look forward to meeting everyone!
  11. So I recently got into the hobby with a 125gal tank and unfortunately, the previous owner didn't not know that most of the coral in the tank was actually majano anemone... I was wondering what you guys and gals recommend for getting rid of an infestation of these pests. I do have 2 big toadstool leathers, a flower anemone, some ricordea, a frogspawn, some palys, and other leathers, so a reef safe option would be great. Thanks!
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