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  1. super cool, how much would you say this has cost you so far? I have wanted to try this but I am a little nervous haha.
  2. I have been struggling with super speed DI resin depletion. I am on a mission to figure it out. According to BRS is you do not have the correct carbon block in your RO/DI system it could be a cause to increased DI resin depletion. I live in Lafayette and on their site they have a few cities listed. https://www.bulkreefsupply.com/chloramines-database but they only have 3 cities listed on what kind of treatment the city uses. Does anyone know what kind of treatment Lafayette uses? and if you know what city do you live in and what kind of treatment are they using? Indiana Indianapolis Chloramines 877-631-1431 Dec. 2012 Indiana Evansville Chloramines 428-0568 Dec. 2012 Indiana Fort Wayne Chlorine 260-427-1254 Dec. 2012 on a side note. I am really looking for help on this issue. My DI resin can deplete in about 60ish gallons I have a BRS 4stage and about 8 tds going into the DI at 55PSI. everything I read says I should last at atleast a month. but with my 55 gallon tank and doing water changes plus top off water its just not.. here is a water quality report from 2018 for Lafayette if anyone knows what they are looking at and could help me out that would be great. https://www.lafayette.in.gov/DocumentCenter/View/9335/WQ-Sheet-2018
  3. As the title says. I currently light mine from 9-9 so 12 hours I've read some people do up to 16 hours but I'm scared to cook my chaeto.
  4. I’ve been battling all kinds of weird algae and was wondering if anyone in the Lafayette area would be willing to bring over some of there fancy test kits and help me try to figure this out. I have those super cheap kits and really can’t dish out for the fancy ones atm but mine I reading 0phos and 0nitrate I think I have Dino’s, but I also see some kind of hair algae and bubble algae if you look really close. It’s weird I have a skimmer / fuge both kicking ass and I was even running carbon (just stopped today) and I only feed one frozen cube a day. Anyway any help would really be awesome.
  5. Does anyone have any Chaeto they would like to get rid of and could bring to the march frag swap?
  6. This is my second anenome finally decided to buy another this weekend and it only took 5days for this w000t
  7. Can't make this one, it's at the same time as my work holiday party, unfortunately. I Hope everyone has a good time!
  8. Yeah I would although im not sure how well that UV you bought is gonna do 😕 I hope it works
  9. I suggest getting something like this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0034V9P6W/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 the 36 watt and just make sure not to get too fast of a pump the longer the water flows over the light the more it can kill and if it doesnt flow long enough it wont kill the bacteria, I watched a video of serjay or w/e ( pretty well-respected reefer ) talk about how UV kills about 80% of the strands of dino and it worked for me. and you should notice pretty quickly too if its working like a week 2 at most EDIT: I should add I bought the 55waat which was way over kill and huge but it did the job and I am glad I bought it.
  10. bummer, have you tried a over sized UV ?
  11. Here is the error I receive when I click login. I made sure my pass was correct by resetting it and I still receive the error. Any help is appreciated
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