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  1. Thank you! I like the acros as well. The blue/pinkish Acro on the left was a free frag from the swap this year! It was about 1.5 inches when I got it. Would love to know the type. Thanks to whoever donated it! It’s growing well.
  2. Very good question. It is an overflow that I had made by inland aquatics in Terre Haute. The tank is not drilled. I specifically made it to house that equipment. I only have a certain amount of space in my living room so I chose not to do a sump. I did do a lot of research prior to making my decision to go without a sump. The forum posts were endless on this subject. Lol. I also wasn’t sure how to drill and plum a sump. We had also just put down new hardwood floors at the time. I have learned a ton since starting this build and would probably do so on future build. Still happy with the outcome
  3. Here’s a pic of my overflow and ats.
  4. I wanted to show everyone my system:-) It’s a 40G breeder mixed reef. It’s a neat little system. I am successfully growing SPS and LPS without issues... Also softies of course. I designed it from scratch. This is only my second reeftank. For filtration i have a corner overflow housing a small filter sock with marinepure media underneath. This is also where the mj90” pump is for my ATS and ATO censors. Sounds cluttered but it really not. I’m running a reef racer turf scrubber and Aquamaxx hob 1.5 protein skimmer. No sump. I run kalk in my ato reservoir. I use a tunze osmolator 3155. I also
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