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  1. When I did the 120 I put all the unattached coral and fish into a couple bins and the rock into others, just so I wouldn't risk crushing anything. I wanted to save my sandbed too, but by the time I got the rock out and water drained down ALL the sludge from a couple years had stirred out of the sandbed and I ended up just replacing it all anyway. And YES on the rewiring. That was the best part, getting to re-think how everything went together.
  2. I can actually help with that one. Before upgrading to the 180 I replaced carpet under my 120 a few years ago. That I could do in a half-day...pulled rock, coral and fish to several large heavy duty rubbermaid bins, drained tank water down to cover everything, lids on with air stones. Drained the tank the rest of the way down and the carpet crew was able to shift it no problem with the rest of the furniture. Seems like going from the 120 to the 180 is an order of magnitude though. Empty the tank/stand weighs probably 400 lb, so too much for even a couple guys to easily shift. Plus figuring the whole-main-floor flooring change will be a few day job instead of a few hours.
  3. Hey all -- Sometime in the next couple months we're going to be replacing all the carpet on our main floor with LVP. That's going to entail shutting down my 180 for...a week? Maybe a week and a half? The tank will have to be drained down and disconnected so the crew can shift it to do the new floor. First, does anybody have any special strategies for this? What I had rough-planned was to get a 100g bin like this: https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/rubbermaid-structural-foam-stock-tanks-100-gal-capacity?cm_vc=-10005 , put that in the basement, drain water down to it, rocks and stuff into it with heater and circulation, and away we go. First, any issues or problems anyone sees with that approach? But second...I don't really need a 100g plastic bin sitting around in the garage forever. Does anyone have one of these already that I could use for a couple weeks? Or would anybody be interested in buying it after the fact? Thanks!
  4. Looking to change lighting from a pair of Kessil AP700s to the aquaticlife T5 hybrid with the kessils attached to it. In order to do that though I'll have to switch from tank-based brackets to a wall-mount system. The tank sits 16" away from the wall so I need to extend to about 28" away from the wall to the center of the light. If anyone has suggestions on a vendor I'm all ears but I haven't found anything yet. So I'm looking custom/DIY. Thinking this kind of thing would be easiest... Does anyone know where I can find aluminum bar like this? And maybe somewhere to get it bent appropriately? I figure a couple of those mounted to the studs would do the trick.
  5. Yep, of the ~200lb of rock in there, about 3/4 of it is realreef, the rest is long-established rock from my previous tank. Some of it had been wet for 10+ years. Also have a marine pure brick in the sump.
  6. No pests that I've seen. Even when the monti started to die it was in quarter-sized bleached spots that spread...nothing visible in those patches, but that just screamed pest of some kind. But then the cyphastrea went from the top-down. Just messed up. 😕
  7. Maxspect Gyres on either end running on the tidal cycle. Dual jebao gyres on the back wall facing forward full-blast. One 200gph powerhead low-back to wash across the back base of the tank behind the rockwork. Should be tons of flow in there. I haven't tested PAR readings in awhile, but stuff had been thriving for a long time. _Something_ has to have changed, but I'll be damned if I can figure out what. 😕
  8. Hey all, I could use some insights. In 25+ years in the hobby I've never seen a tank do this and I can't even come up with ideas of what could be going on. Details... 180g tank up for just over a year Couple hundred lb live rock Kessil AP720, Ca reactor, Pentair UV, Simplicity skimmer. Water has been very stable, testing weekly or semi-weekly with Salifert kits. Typical parameters: Ca: 435 Alk: 8.5 - 9.0 Mg: 1400 Sg: 1.025 NO3: 0-2ppm PO4: 0.02 Just had an ICP done and all is confirmed. Only thing registering as not normal range is Molybdenum -- 0.001 above normal range (so basically high-normal). So according to the numbers and equipment this should be a textbook show tank. And indeed acans and most soft coral thrive. Acans look like somebody inflated them like beachballs. But here's where it gets weird. Most SPS go STN within two weeks of going into the tank. This is a relatively new development, within the last 2-3 months. I had a monti that went from a chip the size of a quarter to a multi-layered dinner-plate in under a year. And then STNed within two weeks. A cyphastrea that took over an entire rock...same thing. Died from the top - down over the course of two weeks. New 'canary in the coalmine' SPS looked good for a couple days...then STNed. But I've got some random purple birds-nest kind of thing that isn't growing, but is as fuzzy and polyped out as ever. I'd think lighting because the cyphastrea dying from the top-down. I'd think some kind of bacteria or pest because of how the monti started dying in patches that spread. But nothing had really changed with the tank in quite awhile, so I'm absolutely baffled. No fish changes, nothing in there predating on coral. Just at a loss. Any ideas of other things I can check or try??
  9. I'll be there +1. First event besides the big frag swap last spring; looking forward to meeting everyone! Not much on the pitch-in list...any requests of something to bring?
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