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  1. I will be up there for the 1030 showing. Have two tickets purchased, but wife cannot make it. Jeremy
  2. I new I had this small clam thing on my live rock. Thought it was just a shell or some type of skeleton coral that had been part of the rock, but it is alive. It filter feeds and open and closes. What actually is it? What type of clam?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. They all have been opening up. Exciting, tank is looking a lot better. Yep, I do believe some carbon dioxide buildup might have been an issue with pH, but have gotten that back up to 8.0 by turning up vortech. Like it to be 8.2. The biggest one, was my light intensity. They seemed to respond well when I dropped the intensity a bit.
  4. Excellent! I was using the sand to tell if my current was too strong. I dropped the current down until the sand didn't move. I too use the reef crest mode. Thx!
  5. I moved from my house to an apartment two months ago. I broke down my biocube 16 gallon. All live stock stayed in another tank for about 3 weeks. I completely cleaned my tank, removed all coraline algae. Once moved, I reset up my tank, add a cup of my old sand to seed new sand. I use Nutri-SeaWater since I have a small tank. Once setup was done, I let my tank cycle, and added back my live stock and live rock after dipping corals. Things seemed okay, but zoanthids did not open back up much and I noticed zoa-eating nudibranches. Weekly dips and Flatworm Exit and they slowly disappeared. Oddly my pH kept falling down to 7.6-7.7. I did use a different saltwater since I did not have any Nutri Seawater. Petco had Imagitarium Pacific Ocean Water, which was what I used. Last Tuesday, I changed up my aquascape, broke apart my live rock, to allow more room, added some new cured tonga branches and reduced the amount of live rock I had overall. And did a 5 gallon water change with Nutri-Seawater, which seems to have pH at 8.2 whereas Pacific Ocean Water was more like 8.0. During this change up in aquascape, I redipped my corals, especially my zoanthids, since I kept finding a few nudibranches. My pH is still 7.6-7.7. I did another 2 gallon water change this weekend, replaced all my rodi water in my ato container. Cleaned all my pumps, replaced my media, but still pH is still at 7.6-7.7. And Magnesium seems high, too. Prior to the move, pH stayed at 8.2 and all my other parameters were dead on. My current parameters: Temp: 78.5 pH 7.6-7.7 Salinity 1.026 dKH 8.4-8.7 Nitrite 0 Nitrate 0 Ammonnia 0 Calcium 450ppm Magnesium 1440-1480 I have a clown fish, several zoanthids, couple mushrooms, hammer coral, superman coral, acans. All, except acans are closed since Tuesday. A couple of zoanthids will peak open. I am assuming my pH is low cause of co2 build-up and my corals won't open cause they are still mad about all the activity. I had my vortech mp10 set at the lowest setting, so I increased it to 50% to help rid the co2, but not sure if my angry corals want the current. Any suggestions? Thanks, Jeremy
  6. Anyone use a vortech wavemaker in a nano tank. I am try to find a setting. Because the tank was small, i had it at 20% (second LED) but I think I have it set too low. pH is dropping a little bit. I am currently testing wavemaker at 50%. I will set nightmode at 30% Any suggestions? Thanks Jeremy
  7. During my Florida vacation, I found some small coral skeletons on the beach, including a sand dallor. These 'would' look cool in the tank, but what process would it take to clean them up and kill the bad bacteria on them? Bleach them? Boil them in some R/O? Thanks, Jeremy
  8. I have been using Seachem Reef Glue to glue frags and rock. Is there any other glue that actually sets up quicker for frags. Also, what is a better glue, epoxy, putty for securing live rock in established thanks!!! Jeremy
  9. I think its a Berghia Nudibranch. Aptasia eater.
  10. Had several zoanthid nudi-branches and did some flatworm exit, and then did a 10 minute dip. Just found this guy roaming around. But this one looks different. I don't think this is a zoa-eating one. It may be a different. Long with a tail. Any suggestions?
  11. No stock light, installed a kessil 160 a year ago
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