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  1. We are excited to host. My mom is making it covid safe. We will be setup for the swap and food on the patio. All the food is individually wrapped and drinks in coolers outside. We will have beer, pop and water. The food is subs, chips and cookies. My tank is doing so so right now so I'd always love suggestions. My mom said masks on in the house. We have a lot of tables and chairs for outside. Looking forward to seeing everyone.
  2. I'll be there, +1 and I will bring chips and brownies.
  3. Some new pieces I got at the swap last weekend,
  4. Thanks for coming out everyone! The meeting was huge successes!
  5. I'm excited for the meeting this weekend. Hope for a great turnout. The meeting doesn't need to be adult beverage free. My mom said she is buying beer. We will have lots of food. All are welcome!
  6. Sorry guys for the super late update on this but long story short I contacted deep blue and they said the chip is probably fine because it only goes a 1/3 of the way through the silicone. I might try putting a bit of silicone over the chip just so it doesn't fall out this spring but according to deep blue it is ok and the tank does not need replaced.
  7. Sorry i wasn't able to make the meeting today, my mom didn't want to drive in the weather.
  8. Yeah, he was picking at the even when it was deflated. I really like acans so i am probably going to trade him or get rid of him.
  9. A couple days ago I saw my Flame Angel picking at one of my new Acans, I started feeding him a bit more and I haven't seen him do it again. What do you guys think I should do?
  10. So, Its been a while since i've updated this thread, I got really busy with school and finals. Now that is over though I can finally have some to work on the tank and all is going well. I have got some new coral pieces and a new fish (flame Angle). Almost all my algae is gone, but I still have a bit of Cyano. Here are some pictures: (I Haven't taken any of the coral, but i will take some soon and post them here.)
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