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  1. Mike has set this up the last few years. You may reach out to him to see if he can pass that information along. @tanknovice
  2. For anyone looking for a frag swap, the Lansing swap is this weekend.
  3. There are a few DIY options I have seen on Reef2reef and on other forums doing something similar to this. If you have an apex or other controller for your aquarium, adding a few optical sensors would be easy for this project. You could always take a look at some of the DIY ATO using a float switch. I have one that i used and it would kick on a pump to move water once it dropped past a certain point. I am sure that something similar could be setup to reverse the float switch.
  4. You can use a turkey baster to blow off the slime build up on the rocks. As you do water changes, I would try to siphon out as much as you can. If you have/had a sump, you can put the end of the siphon in the filter sock to collect all the gunk without drastically affecting the water level. Then just change out the sock and dump the gunk. It will be a long battle, but eventually it will taper off as you get the rest of the nutrient issues in check.
  5. Mikayla and I should be able to make this one hopefully.
  6. How often do you clean out the canister filter? How often do you feed? Do you feed heavy? Just a few things to try and help identify any possible areas that could factor into the nitrates. You may also look at dosing bacteria on a regular basis to help.
  7. Mikayla and I will be there and also participating in the gift exchange
  8. https://reefbuilders.com/2022/10/16/hawaii-harvesting-of-tropical-fish-for-aquariums-approved/
  9. I volunteer Mikayla @Kaylarae724
  10. Most of the posts are from a year to 2 years. Some have been within the most recent months (a week or so ago)
  11. So I was checking in on some of the other club forums and noticed that Buckeye Reef club has had very little activity for a while now. Does anyone know what happened to their club?
  12. Mikayla and I should be able to attend pending no issue with physical inventory counts.
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