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  1. Sorry but I have to back out on helping this year. Have a good swap.
  2. Have we verified with the fairgrounds it would be open for us to use? It’s a mass vaccination site right now as I was there yesterday. I go back for my second shot 3 days before the swap. I’m sure you have but wanted to put that out there.
  3. Haha thanks man. I enjoy looking at it but I just don’t have that drive to add more corals or anything like that. Trust me there is a couple spots for more zoas.
  4. Well..... Its still going, however I still don't have that reefing bug that I used to have. Last month it turned 4 yrs old. Here is a photo from Feb 2020, and Feb 2021. Quite a difference in a year.
  5. The girls and I could help on Friday as we usually do. I will make sure not to schedule any softball games that evening.
  6. Looks good. How many fish are in there? I know you said you had a 25G sump, but I would worry about room to swim when they get larger.
  7. So this will most likely be my last photo shared of this little nano. This has been quite the ride for my first saltwater tank, however lately have just not been as excited about the tank and/or reefing in general. Still not sure what is going to happen with the tank, but I'm walking away from things for awhile. Thank you to everyone I have met, bounced ideas off of, and to the club for giving all of us a place to enjoy this hobby together.
  8. My NUVO 10 was started with live rock and some live bacteria. It worked, but I still lost fish in the beginning. Personally for me, in the future if I ever start up a tank again, it would go through a full natural cycle. Rushing in this hobby isn't a great idea in my honest opinion. Also if you get in the habit doing 2 gallon waterchanges weekly, you don't need a skimmer. Save that money for frags!
  9. If ballgames are a rain out, I will probably be there. I have a few coral that need a trimming.
  10. Thanks! I had Jermey at Modern bring them in for me.
  11. Well that sucks, but I think its the best for all. Sadly, unless things change hobby wise for me, my last INDMAS swap was last year.
  12. I don't know about you all, but I've found a fondness for favia's lately. Here are two of the newest additions. A Yellow Submarine and a Spicy Lemon.
  13. Would love to try to attend, but the oldest turns 13 Saturday and I don't think that's what she has in mind for a birthday celebration. Have fun everyone!
  14. Thanks. Not full enough yet. The plan was to upgrade, but I cannot find the tank I want to upgrade to, so this will continue to be the path I am on. Its been up for 3.5 years, so whats another 3.5, right?
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