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  1. My PayPal account had INDMAS membership set up as an automatic payment and paid my membership renewal yesterday and today I got the invoice to pay for renewal. What do you need to credit my PayPal payment to my invoice? Invoice #2818 PayPal Transaction ID: 4DF495351K356271G Have have disabled PayPal auto payments for my renewal so this doesn't happen next year. Thank you, Scott
  2. I'm getting the same error code when I attempt to got to the sale forums. Happened the day my account auto renewed. Thanks, Scott Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 1F176/3
  3. +2 on the Smart ATO. Use it on my Nuvo 20. I always forget to check my reservoir so I like the out of water warning. I have an anemone who likes to block my overflows so the water level in the back of tank sump drops, the ATO tops it off, the anemone moves and my ATO starts beeping that the sump is over filled. Really irritating but not the ATO's fault. Have it plugged into my Apex so I can shut it off with out getting out of my seat! LOL
  4. I don't see any down side, once less thing to have in my wallet and you don't have to manually write out each card.
  5. Something I saw on kickstarter that uses reef-pi. http://kck.st/2QR0tq6
  6. My 2 cents, you might want to move it away from the wall a bit farther. I had my 20 set like that and had trouble getting behind it. After a few years when we needed to paint I actually had to break down and move it to paint the wall behind. I relocated it to a different location that I liked better so not a big deal and fortunately it was only a 20.
  7. I too am on well water with a softener and I don't have any issues. I have the BRS 6 stage water save without a booster pump and only 50psi. I measure 2-3 TDS coming out of the membrane and zero out of the dual DI. I can't until this weekend but I will measure the TDS of the water from the softener and pre-softener just to give you an idea if there is a difference, curious my self.
  8. I know, sometimes weird is good ... I noticed the torch's head was back on the rock close to the RTBA, so I guess it didn't taste good, LOL. No idea where the rock anemone roamed of to, maybe it had a hot date with the crab, LOL.
  9. Last week my Torch detached itself from it's base and floated onto some live rock, a couple days later it disappeared so I assumed it was dead. Last night i see it in the center of my RTBA looking fine and the RTBA not seeming to mind, weird. Also, one of my rock anemone's crawled onto a hermits shell and has been hitchhiking around my tank. Never a dull moment.
  10. I use a Finnex HMX I got from Premium. I run two for redundancy and they are controlled by my controller. I use a Finnex HMA to warm my water before a change. Only difference is the HMX controller has a digital display vs. the HMAs dial to set the temperature. I've had them all for 1 1/2 years with no issue. I like the rubberized coating on the heating element.
  11. Sweet! I've seen little ones occasionally, so they are breeding. Thanks for the fast ID!
  12. Is this some kind of snail? I found two of them on my scrapper when I went to use it this morning. The white spot looks like a shell forming. It's about an inch long. They couldn't wait to get off when I started using the scrapper, LOL. Thanks, Scott
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