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  1. I put a small yellow tang and 10 small trochus snails in, will see if they can keep up.
  2. Haha yeah, I keep everything! Never know when you may use it again. I’m glad I didn’t sell the kessils when I switched back to t5 on DT. The whole project only cost me the wood, everything else I pieces together.
  3. Picked up too many frags between the INDMAS swap and a swap over the weekend in St Louis. Decided to finally make use of this low boy tank I have had in storage. Think it turned out well especially for a behind the scenes frag tank, nothing fancy.
  4. Well my goal is to meet my emergency contact in person and get to know them. Visit each others houses and check out the systems, get a feel for their setup and the type of person/personality they are. Worst case I get to see another tank setup, best case I find a new friend that I can actually talk reefing to since none of my family or friends have any interest.
  5. Wow this is great, this accounts for maintenance and anything else weird with the water level in the sump. Thanks I will set this up
  6. Hello all, From time to time all of us have to leave our tanks behind for a work trip or vacation and it is always stressful worrying about what could go wrong. I personally am gone 2-3 weeks a year and I am hoping to find someone in the Hamilton County area, preferably noblesville, that would want to become each other's Tank emergency contact. My family and friends feed the tank and make sure nothing is obviously wrong but none of them are Reef tank owners and would have no clue what to do in a real emergency. The emergency contact person would not be a caretaker or an everyday t
  7. I actually plan to add a 10 minute or so delay whenever the return pump regains power. I was gonna add a larger tank before the stock tank for water volume but I only had so much height to work with from the drains.
  8. Electrical can be expensive if you hire an electrician, may want to try and find out your total power needs and see if it can be split between two different circuits if you have a few outlets close by that are on different breakers. A normal 15 amp breaker is capable of a max load of 1800 watts before tripping but it is recommended to never run at more than 75% of the capacity of the breaker. So for a normal household outlet running around 13-1400 watts is optimal. I would tally ally up all the power needs of each piece of equipment and see if you will need to spread out th
  9. Hello I am plumbing a remote sump to the storage area of my basement and have dry fit everything together. Was wanting to run it by you guys and make sure what I'm doing doesn't have any obvious flaws I'm missing or if someone had a better idea before I prime and glue. Using two 1.5" drains from DT, one drain goes to 40 gallon Breeder for a refugium which dumps into the 50 gallon stock tank and the other 1.5" drain goes right to the stock tank. Skimmer, calc reactor, heaters, apex probes, carbon reactor, and return pump will all be in the stock tank. The return pump is plumbed
  10. Iphone camera doesnt do the colors justice, but they pop in person. Looking forward to the INDMAS frag swap soon.
  11. I wasnt sure about the intensity vs the kessils. I was gonna run 2 for a couple days, then turn the 2 off and run the 6 channel for a couple hours and increase each day. Eventually working up to 8 bulbs. I have alot of LPS so Im going to have to play with things and start moving some corals around accordingly. I like the look of it but damn all 8 bulbs on is BRIGHT!
  12. I made the switch and am starting off with the fixture pretty high up with only 2 bulbs and will slowly increase the intensity over the next month. My tank is still a mess from moving and im curing more rock now that I have the space and its not a peninsula setup anymore. Went from the kessils to the ATI T5 fixture.
  13. What makes you want to switch to all LEDs? You have had a lot of success with the t5s and your sps look great!
  14. Im using 3 kessil 360s and almost pulled the trigger on some new LEDS this past week. The three kessils provide enough light for all my LPS in the 180g but the SPS grow very slow and some of the colors have faded a bit. I think I am actually going to switch over to the ATI 8 bulb fixture and give that a shot. It seems that everyone who has any LEDs and a successful SPS tank are supplementing it with T5. My par with the 3 kessils is around 240 at the top, after 6 inches drops to 150, and only 40-60 on the bottom of the tank. I use the seneye for my measurements so its not the greatest
  15. I am at Hague and 32 in noblesville. I'm sure you can get what you need from my 180 gallon.
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