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  1. May offer up a frag of my Cherry bomb if someone is intrested.
  2. I will post pics of my collection for any stick heads that are intrested. I am 3D printing frag transporters for any one that wants to order one they will be $10. They will come in a water tight container and will post other pics latter but PM if you want one as they take 5 hours to make. These are PETG and safe for aquarium use.
  3. I would suggest an entire new test kit and something is seriously wrong with your salt. Red sea pro mixes at 11 to 12dkh and 450ppm calcium. If your parameters are truly 300cal and 6dkh alk then you have major issues and this will starve coral as well as create problems with algae. But you say you do all these water changes so i would look to your local LFS to double check the testing and replace your salt. Invest in a good and new test kit as this is the only way you can know what is going on and how to correct a problem.
  4. I have a bunch of questions.. 1. what test kit are you using. 2. What salt are you using 3. What do you have in the tank? 4. What is your salinity as i did not see this. These will all help to understand how it is possible to have your parameters so far out of wack.
  5. looking like a Boss.... nice build buddy
  6. Sweet.. just let me know when and where. Thanks.
  7. Can i still get in this? If so let me know when and where to get the frag.
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