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  1. I’ll be there, sorry for my typical late rsvp. I’ll bring a dessert item. Also bringing a +1, her name is Crystal the mermaid 🤣
  2. I am available for Saturday setup and tear down. Can be free floating extra help as needed through the day. Shirt M
  3. I’ll be there! Glad I happened to look and see that it was not the second weekend!!! 👀
  4. I would love it if this were on Saturday the 16th instead. Either way, if this happens, I’m in. If the bus thing falls through, I’d still be up for carpooling?
  5. Future meeting hosts, there’s a little game that was started at the summer social this year, involving small mermaid aquarium decoration being hidden in the house. If and when Craig finds it, he’s going to pay it forward to one of you. If you find it, keep it going… 😸
  6. I plan to hit the coral show, drop off new corals at home, and head down to the meeting. Sorry for the late rsvp as always 😅
  7. Sorry for the late rsvp, I’ll be there. I’ll just bring some beer to give away.
  8. I’ve been a little off the grid lately, but I’m still good for hosting April as long as meetings are still green-lit!
  9. After surveying responses, I’ll bring a fruit tray.
  10. Hi guys. Looking for a little feedback here, I’m currently dialing in the lights over my new 6’ 180 which is about 3 weeks into its cycle. The lights consist of a 61” aquatic life t5 hybrid running 2 each of the Ati aqua blue special And blue plus bulbs. Leds are 4 ai prime hds, and their blue channels are currently set to max out at 50%. My goal here is a mixed reef with an emphasis on the LPS, and and a handful of idiot-proof SPS. Therefore I’m not really looking for par ranges higher than what I’m currently at. This is my first time with T5, and I am very accustomed to the smooth ramping of Leds. I’ve tried to set up my schedule to phase the t5s in and out as gently as possible, by staggering their on/off times. I figure this will also give me a longer photoperiod while only running each bulb for so many hours per day, and will sort of simulate the sun arcing overhead from East to west, casting shadows on opposite sides of the rock at different times of day, and only being at full blast right at midday. I’m going to upload a photo of the sketch I made to represent what’s going on. Hopefully it’s easy to interpret. Par ranges are wide, as they represent different spots at that depth where corals will grow. Most sand bed is to the East and most tall rock structures to the west. my questions to all of you would be: -How long is it ideal to sustain your maximum power during a photoperiod? Should my peak power period be longer? Currently full blast is only drawn at 2 hours (but I don’t need those high par ranges for the types of corals I’m envisioning). -Does my idea of nearly constantly fluctuating Par readings suck, or would it more closely resemble nature? -If you run similar equipment on similar livestock types, what do you do to avoid light shock and keep the transitions subtle? Thanks for any expertise!
  11. Well, the plumbing is done. I decided to do what was best for the pump and keep those return lines as direct as possible. I’ll be diverting additional pump power through the manifold to power reactors, so I wanted to conserve as many gph as possible for display turn-over. The bends in the drain lines also served to align them with the hole in the floor.
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