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  1. I would love it if this were on Saturday the 16th instead. Either way, if this happens, I’m in. If the bus thing falls through, I’d still be up for carpooling?
  2. Future meeting hosts, there’s a little game that was started at the summer social this year, involving small mermaid aquarium decoration being hidden in the house. If and when Craig finds it, he’s going to pay it forward to one of you. If you find it, keep it going… 😸
  3. I plan to hit the coral show, drop off new corals at home, and head down to the meeting. Sorry for the late rsvp as always 😅
  4. Sorry for the late rsvp, I’ll be there. I’ll just bring some beer to give away.
  5. I can be a floater, or whatever else is needed.
  6. Gonna try to make it to this one!
  7. I’ve been a little off the grid lately, but I’m still good for hosting April as long as meetings are still green-lit!
  8. After surveying responses, I’ll bring a fruit tray.
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