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  1. I can be a floater, or whatever else is needed.
  2. Gonna try to make it to this one!
  3. I’ve been a little off the grid lately, but I’m still good for hosting April as long as meetings are still green-lit!
  4. After surveying responses, I’ll bring a fruit tray.
  5. Hi guys. Looking for a little feedback here, I’m currently dialing in the lights over my new 6’ 180 which is about 3 weeks into its cycle. The lights consist of a 61” aquatic life t5 hybrid running 2 each of the Ati aqua blue special And blue plus bulbs. Leds are 4 ai prime hds, and their blue channels are currently set to max out at 50%. My goal here is a mixed reef with an emphasis on the LPS, and and a handful of idiot-proof SPS. Therefore I’m not really looking for par ranges higher than what I’m currently at. This is my first time with T5, and I am very accustomed to the smooth r
  6. Well, the plumbing is done. I decided to do what was best for the pump and keep those return lines as direct as possible. I’ll be diverting additional pump power through the manifold to power reactors, so I wanted to conserve as many gph as possible for display turn-over. The bends in the drain lines also served to align them with the hole in the floor.
  7. One other thing to consider is that all of these lines have to go through a 4x12 hole in the floor, and they all will have to bend a little. So it’s really a question of whether each group would have one set of bends or two. I suppose that if I used more braided vinyl and less hard pvc This wouldn’t be an issue. I just wanted to avoid as much vinyl as possible.
  8. Hello, I am in need of the opinions of some experienced tank builders. I am currently working on connecting my new display tank on the main floor to my sump in the basement. The drain and return lines all want to inhabit the area that is roughly 1”-2” from the back surface of the tank and Stand, but that means that they will intersect. So either the drains or the return will have to have a series of 45 degree elbows that will divert them around the space inhabited by the other. My question is this: Is it better to bend the drain lines and risk more trickling noise (avoiding noise i
  9. I’ll be there, bringing a dessert and participating in the exchange.
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