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  1. Nice! Following along to watch the progression.
  2. You can do it from your iPhone super easy. 1.Add File 2.Choose from Photo Library 3. Pick your Photo 4. At the bottom it will say show selected. Click that. 5. Bottom right corner Actual Size. Click that. Pick a Size. 6. Then Add Done
  3. I’ve got 3 xr30 pros and a 2 bulb t5 fixture to take care of shadowing on the 180.
  4. Amanda. I had amphidinium dinos before my switch to LED. It never got too out of control even when the tank was lit with only the LED. I did manage to get rid of it now. Not sure which nail it the coffin it was. Only thing I was strict about was bi-weekly water changes with sand bed siphon, and weekly microbactor 7 dosing (now bi-weekly)
  5. Yes I will be attending +1. Wasn’t prepared for it being this weekend but we’ll be there.
  6. Happy Turkey Day everyone!
  7. Thanks to everyone that attended. A pleasure hosting everyone. Hope everyone took advantage of the pay it forward. Can’t wait to see everyone again for the holiday get together.
  8. I’ll be your chaperone! @ryansweet Tell Amber we’ll stay in budget….😉🤣😂🤣
  9. Chanel said she would start with the Achilles. Lol. Happy wife happy life.
  10. I’ll be there with Chanel. I’ve got a company golf outing in the morning hope to get in time so don’t hand out tickets if I’m not there. Lol
  11. Realized this one not this Saturday. I can’t make it on the 18th. Have fun everyone.
  12. All white dresser. Lili decided to change her room up. $40 or coral trade( something I don’t have) lol.
  13. Good morning everyone!! Happy 4th of July! Everyone stay safe!
  14. I don't see why having multiple anemones would be any issue at all. Same species or different if they're no making contact with each other. If you are sure the tank is healthy I'm thinking you had unhealthy anemones from the start.
  15. Good morning!! Stay dry peeps. 3 stories up!!
  16. I’m at work now. Finishing this office remodel.
  17. Good morning Friends! What’s going on with everyone today?
  18. We’ll be there. We will bring home made Mac and Cheese.
  19. Your picture isn’t too bad. I’ve seen worse. I believe from your description you are pointing out this correct? If it is what I think it is. It’s just GSP growing.
  20. I personally feel the most bang for your buck are the single BRS 1.1 ml dosers. I've had mine on for years. And recently started controlling them with my apex. Honestly I've only changed the hose once out of sheer preventative maintenance, and saved the old ones because there was nothing wrong with them.
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