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  1. So guessing this means you’re actually new the the hobby all together?. Well there will be lots and lots and lots of coral available to purchase. You’ll have a hobbiest section. Pretty much guys in the club growing stuff in their tanks looking to make some cash to put right back into the their tanks. 🙋🏽‍♂️ Like me! Then you have vendors. They’re the tables that have turned all this into a business. Places like Aquarium World, Modern Aquatix, The Reef, Premium Aquatics, Salt Critters, and some out of town place that do some traveling. This year the building is a large one with a
  2. RO filter if you don’t already have one.
  3. Welcome back!! Nice to see you pass the hobby down to your children. A nice softy tank could be a nice low maintenance endeavor.
  4. I would start in the livestock. (You’ll need to sell off all of it before the equipment)Then you can begin a dry-goods thread. This is of course if you’re parting it all out. A bit more effort but usually moves quickly. If selling as a whole just state that in your post.
  5. I’ll do 7am setup Saturday morning.
  6. I want a half table. I payed for 2020. Thank you.
  7. Bob luckily he’s the only one in the tank. No females to take in the gametes. I’ve caught this on one other occasions. Nothing bad came of it.
  8. So another spawning event last night. This time it was the Rose bubble tip.
  9. I normally wait on the anemone to move. When they’re moving the foot usually swells up and they are very easy to pick off rocks. If it’s not moving you can coax it to move by gently prying on the foot with your finger. It will come up slowly little by little. If only partly detached it will most likely move soon on its own after the partial foot detachment.
  10. I got a sneak peek earlier this month and all it did is make me want to move and build a bigger tank like Mikes. Cant wait to see the tank again!
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