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    All things saltwater. Fish, coral, invertebrates, even the water chemistry itself.
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  1. Don’t want to miss this one! So we will try to make it, may need to leave early.
  2. Love this thread! Can’t say I have an all time favorite but right now I’m digging Gonis! I picked this frag up in Kentucky June of 2021. We were on a weekend anniversary trip and on the way back home, we stopped at a local reefers home I had previously purchased from on reef2reef. This Goni is definitely my current favorite.
  3. We’ll be in the Hyatt Regency! That’s the one we discussed choosing.
  4. I’m booked! Just a heads up for everyone.
  5. If your idea is to upgrade the whole set up at that time keep that one. Lol. I would cut the acrylic out right in front of the skimmer and replace with a larger thicker piece that is threaded on one side. Gasket one side of it. And it will become a removable pane. Just need to drain the sump a bit. Pull the pane. Pull the skimmer body. You shouldn’t need to pull the body out very often anyway. I can’t even remember the last time I pulled my skimmer body out. With an external pump I just pull it and clean it.
  6. Me too just the Neptune brand one.
  7. We’ll just me now. 2x
  8. Me and Chanel will volunteer. Me before the swap. Chanel will help during.
  9. Here’s November 2017
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