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  1. Alan and I will be attending! Definitely been a very long time since we attended one.
  2. @tanknovice are we allowing members to enter an hour early like we have in the past?
  3. I got a new skimmer, new sand and rock. It won't let me post pictures though. Going to start my tank over. Had an invasion of aiptasia that got out of control and other not good stuff. So we will see how it turns out here in the next few months!!!!
  4. We still have items available and what perfect way to get a small gift for your hobbyists. Please send me a message!! Be sure to help support your small businesses during this time of year!!! Thank you and Happy Holidays!!!!🎄🎄🎄
  5. Items are still available!!! Message me to get them!!! We are able to ship as needed for an additional shipping cost!!! These are great items!!! Thanks!😊
  6. Just comment on this post saying you are going and that is how you RSVP😊
  7. I will get them to you soon!! Those will be $8😉 and no problem on the items the onesies did come out real cute!!!!
  8. Yeah i can see. It probably wouldn't look exactly like that but I can make something similar. What size are you wanting?
  9. Yeah i can see. It probably wouldn't look exactly like that but I can make something similar. What size are you wanting?
  10. I would like a purple keep calm and do a water change in 2xl. with the pink like it is shown please... and the orange coral addiction shirt too please,  same thing,... let me know what to do from here. THANK YOU




  11. Hi everyone we are Two Crafty Clowns!! We are two hobbyists who have also branched out to make custom made items such as, tumblers, shirts, hats, bags and more. We had plan on being at this year's INDMAS frag swap but of course COVID-19 happened and unfortunately the event has been canceled. So now we just have our items sitting and would love to sell it out to all who are interested!!! To give a little back story on how Two Crafty Clowns came about. My husband (Alan -reefaddict12) and I (Scarlet- CoralBeauty28) have been struggling to get pregnant. So after trying different methods, which has been financially stressful, we have one last option to try, IVF. This procedure is quite expensive, so with our creative side we decided to start a small business in making unique custom items to sell. With that being said we would love to show what we have made orginally and sell to who ever is interested and would like to purchase. I will post pictures of the items we have ready and list of the prices bellow. Simply message or comment which item you want and we will send out invoices for payment. If you happen to see something you like and it is no longer available don't worry we can make it. (Just may take a little longer as items may have to get order for us to make) In advance we would love to thank everyone who is purchasing and helping us getting closer to our goal to start our own little family😊 Adult Shirts Sizes: Small-3XL $22 +shipping Kids Shirt Size: X-Small - Medium $18 +shipping Hats: $15 +shipping Lunch Bags: $20 +shipping Koozies: $7 +shipping Aprons: $22 +shipping Tumblers: 22oz $40. 32oz $50 +shipping Jewelry Holders: Mermaid Tail Large $12. Small $10 +shipping Earrings: $8 +shipping Straw Toppers: $8 +shipping Key chains: $8-$15 +shipping depending on styles Coasters: Turtle set of 4 $30 +shipping Again if items are sold out of what we currently have we can still make it for you. Just message us😉 You can also visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/twocraftyclowns
  12. @tanknoviceAre we still keeping the password Fragswap2018 or is it going to be Fragswap2020? Thank you!
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