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  1. @tanknoviceAre we still keeping the password Fragswap2018 or is it going to be Fragswap2020? Thank you!
  2. I just wanted to make sure but are we selling INDMAS Tshirts? Someone has asked me about it. Thank you!
  3. Can we get the address updated please!!! And Alan and I will be there!
  4. Next Saturday is our monthly meeting and we are excited to host it at our home this month. We hope to see you all there. Here is our address since we are a week away. 10708 Inspiration Dr. Indianapolis, IN 46259 🐠🐡🐚
  5. Can we please have this updated with the address. Thanks!!
  6. Where are vendors able to sign up? I have vendors on Facebook asking and would like to give them a link to be able to sign up. Thank you!
  7. Reefaddict12 and CoralBeauty28 we will do August again!. We wanted the retro but Bud beat us to it!!!
  8. CoralBeauty28 and Reefaddict12 will be there and I'm shooting for the paly colony to continue my zoa garden
  9. Do we have an update of address yet? And what possible raffle prizes we may Have? 😊 Thanks!
  10. We used a clean specimen cup n drilled holes n put the small plastic tubes in it. Low and in different directions. Then place a piece of shrimp inside to attract it and it was effective. We did have to place rock inside to keep it down.
  11. Wow is no one going to come lol come on peeps let us know if you are coming!!!! Thanks!
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