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  1. plastic ocean is also a good one. Chasing Coral is really good, definitely worth a watch.
  2. All I can say is wow, that came out of nowhere. Fiji just halted all coral and live rock harvest. Although it sucks for the hobby, but I cant say I dont disagree. Preservation of the reefs are key. I'm glad steps are being taken, even if it means limiting the hobby. https://fijisun.com.fj/2017/12/30/harvest-export-of-live-coral-now-banned-ministry/
  3. Yeah you can only connect 2 per controller. These would be an amazing powerhead for your size tank and would give you a ton of flow if you did them on the sides. They would be able to reach most of the way across the 10' per side and gyrate the entire tank so you wouldnt have to worry about dead spots, especially on the sand. This is just me, but I'd plan on setting up the returns for back - front movement, and setup 4 gyres (2 on each side due to width) for side-side. I may have a spare 250. I downgraded tanks and am using 1 in the new tank. I havent found a use for the 2nd one. You can buy the power head alone without a controller, thats what I did. That way you're not spending $ on controllers you wont need to use.
  4. That wide of a tank, you're going to need more flow than that. I have those powerheads. They are awesome and I'll never use anything else, but on a 4' x 10' tank, you're going to need at least 4 of them with the 4' width. 2 on each side.
  5. I have two of those amazon Apollo Horticulture 24W LED Grow Light bulbs that I'm not using, if anyone wants them. Throw me a frag or something or not. They work perfectly, I've just downgraded and not using them. I've tried a bunch of different fuge lights over the past and the hydroponics lights grow chaeto like crazy.
  6. Does it talk about being able to get rid of bubble algae?
  7. I have the innovative marine rimless clips and 1/4" clear net from brs now. I just need to get to lowes and get the screen top.
  8. apex auto feeder. There are a lot of stand alone feeders as well. Just make sure you try it out for a few days before leaving.
  9. Getting there. Some little odd and ends to finish up. Overall very happy with this tank.
  10. I decided to move to an AIO style tank for various reasons. At first I thought about Innovative Marine, but by the time you piece all those together, you're already at the same price as a red sea system, so thats where I went. I decided on the Red Sea Max E-260, 70 gallon (including rear). Here is my build process for anyone interested in these. My expectations for this tank, mainly for the red sea tank reputation were met, plus some. These tanks are incredible in both design and quality. They seem pricey at first when you're looking at them online for the price and size, but they are such high quality that I believe them to be very well priced for what you get. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a nice tank. If you're in your 30's and not already a professional furniture builder, you're not doing it right (or your rich) haha. Getting there The cleanest it will ever be. Long way to go still Hey come here and hold this. Some rock moved over, mostly aquascaped. Now to start on all the electrical and Apex, ATO, misc electrical setup. Currently just running off a single power strip.
  11. I've seen his work a few times. Worth the price, cant really complain.
  12. Whatever you do, have the front attached to the top, and cut the top front 1/3rd laterally so you can hinge it. mine is that way and it's awesome. Lights are hung on the rear 2/3rd so they dont move, but I have loads of access when I swing the top open.
  13. I have around 40 lbs of rock that has always been cycling and running, I just dont have room for it in my tank but I kept it around. I guess I could drop that into the QT while not running copper. When I run copper, I'll pull all the rock and just leave the PVC. Water change the copper out then replace the rock while the fish wait while the DT sits for the weeks needed.
  14. I'm contemplating going fallow for a couple of reasons. I think there has to be ich going on or something. No white spots, but their eyes arent perfectly clear and I see them shaking and scratching. I've ran prazi through the system a few times, and I recently FW dipped my regal angel and nothing came off so I'm not sure it's flukes. Usually I'm a big advocate of just let them be and keep feeding but this has been going on for a couple of months now without any signs of letting up. What is the best way to go fallow? I have a 100g rubbermade and a 75g tank sitting empty, space isnt the hard part. I'm just worried about having so many fish going into a new system without any rock and battling ammonia. I can pull them all at once and run it like a huge QT, I'm just concerned what to do while they sit and wait for the DT to go through the 11 weeks.
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