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    Westfield IN (Sonoma)
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    Retired on a budget (hey honest) building a 20 gallon.
    Constructed my own cabinet, will add a pic
    Migrating from a 10 slowly as I have a broken knee.
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    20 Gallon Coral Only being built

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  1. Need professional help to move my 20 gallon coral tank from Westfield 169th and Springmill to 96th between Zionsville Road and 421/Michigan March 10 -15 Thanks
  2. Thanks I only have coral will try fluconazole and nutrient redirection. I think a water change of 15% should help that. How often should I dose. I purchased a 10 tabs for 100 gallon. So I will dose 2 tabs for my 20 gallon after water change. Then again??? When??? Thanks Much John
  3. My tank (20 gallon) has been taken over by green hair like algae. I has happened 3 weeks ago when i was out of town four 4 days at a funeral. I have change water, scraped and filtered as best i can. But its beating me Help Thanks
  4. Coral only 20 gallon mature tank with great analysis. Recently noticed little 3/8 in brown sticks populating my tank. No idea what they are. Help ?
  5. My Kenya tree seems to have given up the will to live Flowing nicely Thursday and then Friday it looks like its been chopped down No wounds just laying horizontal Yet the truck is still turgid ALL other animals appear live and well Numbers good except Ca at 430 Changing water and checking Mag
  6. Calcium is a little high 430 Did a water 15% change Am rechecking Ca Will check mag That will surprise me as I dose mag weekly
  7. Every now and then I get what looks like snow on some of my rock peaks/edges Under blue light it glows like snow My numbers are good Any Ideas?
  8. Cant take a pic so.... It is pale yellow > light cream Shaped like a 4 legged starfish with one leg "stubby" Has a thin brownish line in the middle of each leg from tip to center About 3/8 inch across Yesterday while cleaning I knocked it down, it blends with my sand, its back today It seems to move ever so slowly Thanks John
  9. Recently installed an RODI system Yes my tank is only 20 gallon So payback is a little down the road but I am retired and have the time Question. I use a circulation pump and a heating element and a refractometer to make my solution If I make 6 gallon and store 3. How long will the salt etc stay in solution? Yes I will need to raise temp Thanks
  10. A little research and calculation A 125 gallon tank has approx. 22 square feet of glass. 1 sq/ft of 1/4 glass weights 3.27 lbs or ~ 72 pounds Now add the frame and its less than 100 for the tank Now 125 gallon of water is ~ 1125 pounds Your problem "aint" the weight of the glass Now add sand rock etc
  11. I will be shortly be starting to process my own water RO/DI 1) Salt specs I see many suggest specific gravity of 1.026. Instant Ocean salt suggest 1.022. Help. I have a good refract meter so measurement accuracy is probably not an issue. 2) Now that I will be making RO/DI I will have removed trace elements...etc etc. I already have Brightwell Aquatics Replenish which contains a loooong list of trace elements. Suggested dose is 10 drops per 25. Am I ok with that? 3) Should I dose with iodine say 1/2 drops per 5 gallon?? 4) Missed anything 5) I appreciate all the help provided during my newbie period...which may never end. 6) if you have time check out my gallery pics... Much Thanks John
  12. Westfield

    Westfield 01/26/2016

    Working little by little on my 20 gallon Learning and spending Kinda cool
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