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  1. Always wanted a basement to put a Rubbermaid in. Looking good
  2. Unfortunately it has been chalked up to unknown. Luckily, most of the casualties were sps and since I had transitioned to zoas and some euphyllia, I didn’t lose anything too sentimental or expensive. I did lose most of a large Green Monti rock that has became part of the aquascape, so that is an eyesore currently since half is dead, but hopefully it comes back with time. I might place some encrusters on the dead part and try to spruce it up a bit. zoas seem to be doing well, same with leathers. My small torch garden seems to be happy but I do wish I could get more tentacle extension from them.
  3. Changing my screen name here to Jeremy Wade
  4. thanks again @PetesFolly got a shelf from work for iPad cases rigged up to sit on the rim and hold the trap. Works like a charm. Now the waiting begins...
  5. That would be great I am hoping I only need it for one time use. I work on 96th so that is on my way home to Fishers. I will text you this evening and see if I can swing by!
  6. I’ve been trying at night With a flashlight but still too quick for me to catch with net. Gotta figure something else out
  7. Has since eaten two more types of higher end zoas and finished off the moneyshots. He gotta go
  8. I searched the forum and found a couple posts from multiple years ago, but wanted to check on ideas currently. I’ve got a Lamarck Angelfish (supposedly Genicanthus angels are all reef safe, ehhhhh) caught him red handed destroying a few polyps of Moneyshot zoas. Whether it was algae on them or what idk but he’s gotta go. Do we still have a rental fish trap? I’m out of real estate on the bottom of the tank so maybe a floating one would work. In other news, I hope to have a fish for sale post soon
  9. Surprisingly, most zoas are back open except for a few. Torches aren’t fully extended but better than last night, and softies seem content. Gorgonian not looking as puffy but still an improvement over yesterday. Pretty much all sps and cyphastrea dead or dying, but luckily I hadn’t had that much to start with (thank goodness I had transitioned away from them or I would be devastated). It seems like my large green Monti rock that I’ve had for years is a goner, which sucks because it has grown into part of the aquascape. It isn’t all dead yet but I’d say 60-70% is dead with the rest looking like it will follow. If it all goes I’m not sure if I’d keep it since it would be an eyesore, but multiple fish hide in it at night so I don’t know. Still not sure what happened, and it’s extra weird that it seemed to go bad in a day and kill some items, but then revert back to normal for the most part. The strange adventures of reefing...
  10. Lights were still off when I left for work today, I’m hoping it isn’t a battleground when I get home tonight..it’s going to be a looooong day
  11. I don’t feel any current but I don’t have a way to measure it if it’s small enough to cause harm but not enough to feel by touch. I’ve never had a current issue so if I don’t confidently feel it I just assume it’s fine, I imagine I’d know it if I felt it, hopefully. I use a handheld refractometer and that Milwaukee digital refractometer, I make sure to calibrate the Milwaukee before every test. The handheld I do sometimes go awhile between calibrating but since they both measured the same value I figured it was ok.
  12. I didn’t have any pure carbon on hand, but I found 3 bags of the nano chemi pure blue, which say they are good for 5 gallons each, which is the best I could do on short notice. I put them in the bubble trap of the sump to try to get some water moving through them. Not nearly enough for the 80ish gallons of water but better than nothing
  13. I checked the cords in the sump and didn’t see any corrosion. No other metals or misplaced items found in the tank or sump. I had the talk with my wife when all this virus stuff started about not spraying in the room the tank is in so I am pretty confident that hasn’t been happening. Fish at least came out to eat like normal so that is a positive sign. It’s going to be a long night and work day tomorrow waiting to see what it looks like tomorrow evening when I get home and the lights are on...
  14. Mag and calcium in line. I have salifert, NYOS and Red Sea for nitrates and they always have read zero, still do today. Temp is stable 78 and was matched during water change like normal. TDS is 0. I’m mixing up some more now for another water change but unfortunately due to work it won’t get done for a few days. I really wish I had the space to store RODI so I didn’t have to make on site. But yeah, very disheartening to say the least. What probably concerns me the most is the fish acting up. I’ve never had any issues with fish other than the occasional jumper, so to see my normally energetic fish hiding out is concerning.
  15. So I came home from work today to this? Most sps gone and probably 80% or higher of zoas closed up. Even a couple of the fish are not out and about like usual (verified not dead, just hiding). Checked salinity, alk, phosphate and all seem to be in line. Just did my biweekly water change last night and all seemed to be happy. Any ideas as to what could cause this essentially overnight? Or anything I’m forgetting to spot check?
  16. I’m interested to see how you like this setup. I’ve been looking into getting an apex as well with the trident and dos but I am slightly intimidated by all the features and setup
  17. Ordered some Stone Fix from Premium. I’m going to make my attempt at homemade frag mounds for my zoas to take advantage of all the glass space now that I removed some rock. The plan is to cut tennis balls in half to use as a stencil and fill it with the Stone Fix and stick frag plugs in it to create small mounds for corals with flat bottoms. We shall see how it goes 🤷🏻‍♂️
  18. Sold off my largest rock and after some rearranging this is what I came up with. I have some other frag racks I won from a BRS giveaway but unfortunately I couldn’t fit them in. I do like the large frag rock not being in the middle it always looked strange to me. I’m going to try to let things settle for a few weeks (famous last words) to get used to the new flow patterns. I also added some wide angle flow covers to my 2 MP40s. I have them turned down almost all the way I probably could benefit from MP10s but I don’t want to buy them.
  19. Let me start this with saying I am not an expert whatsoever lol, but I have a similar setup as you. I had an 8 bulb t5 fixture and removed the 4 inner bulbs and replaced with 4 AI primes. I have 2 48” reefbrite blue led strips on the outer edges. I too am focusing on more zoas and some lps and a few sps, but nothing crazy. I am still waiting to get my hands on the PAR meter rental to finally set and forget my values, but I think I’ve come to a pretty good spot on balancing what looks good to my eye and what is good for the corals. As far as on and off times, I never messed with staggering the t5s. That just seemed extra to me as I’ve seen countless tanks way better looking that what I could ever do that just run straight on and off t5 or metal halide schedules. It makes me think the corals don’t really care about ramping. I do stagger my different light sources to have higher light times during mid day, just not the individual t5 bulbs. My reefbrites kick on at 10:30 and run until 11:30 pm. Then the AI Primes start at 11:30 w/ 1hr ramp until 8:3 w/ 1 hr ramp down. T5s (2 coral plus 2 blue plus) come on at 1:30 and run until 6:30. So I have 5 hours with all light sources on. I run the AB+ setting at roughly 70% intensity in my primes. With corals, I just start them on the bottom and move up if needed. I have some zoas at the top of the tank within a few inches of the waterline that actually touch air when doing water changes and they have adapted well. When in doubt, I just place stuff on the bottom glass (I run bare bottom). Honestly I could probably move them higher I just get lazy and let them start growing down there. My biggest thing with LEDs is fighting my urge to tinker with them. I read so many forums that I constantly am curious on different spectrums or intensities, so I really want to get ahold of a PAR meter to give myself the confirmation that the majority of my tank is in the 100-250 range.
  20. I am attempting to fill these flat plates on the frag rock and spread the love.
  21. Proud new owner of a grand master krak. When I say please don’t melt, I really mean it in this instance lol close up is reefbrites only further out is daylights on the primes
  22. Ordered an acrylic phone box from Melev’s reef for top downs. It’s a bit bigger than I expected but still a pretty cool piece. Now I can take too downs on days besides water change day lol
  23. hopefully soon. Seems to be a decent grower, provided I don’t mess it up. That and the pink kraks in front of it started at 3 polyps and are both at 5 after a month.
  24. 3rd recommendation for AI Prime. I have 4 over a 4’ tank. Very reasonably priced for what they do, no controller needed and easy to add more if/when you upgrade tanks!
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