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  1. When in doubt put in high light lol
  2. More top downs from water change tonight
  3. And the other frag rock growing in. Hopefully these don’t melt on me lol
  4. Not sure why that posts sideways. Let’s try some closer ups
  5. New zoa additions with only the Primes on daylight mode.
  6. Yes you definitely could. If only I could find the box lol. I have one shade of orange taped over a Wyze camera that I can check in throughout the day and one laying loose to hold over my phone for pics.
  7. https://www.amazon.com/Neewer-Universal-Photography-Speedlite-Balance/dp/B00QN48X0Q/ref=mp_s_a_1_4?keywords=gel+filter&qid=1575552430&sprefix=gel+filter&sr=8-4 something like these, maybe these exact same ones. I lost the box and only use the orange but it came with many shades to choose from.
  8. May have to find a different gel filter. The one I had been using with the 8 t5s makes the tank look a bit more pinkish than it actually is
  9. Finally got my AI primes mounted in my t5. Very pleased with the turnout.
  10. I got a pack of gel filters off amazon for like $8 and use the orange. I just hold it up in front of my phone camera or tape it if needed. I’m cheap...
  11. Honestly I found myself in the same situation a few months back and decided to stop buying stuff and just leave it be and whatever happens happens, and I was prepared to start over if needed. Surprisingly (or maybe not) the tank did better than ever just by ignoring it, aside from biweekly water changes. I’m in the process of some major changes to rock work and lighting in my tank now and have seen some negative effects in some of my corals which I assume is due to the changes. I’m going through another period of trying not to buy livestock and just let things settle again so time will tell if it will work again. hang in there!
  12. Daylight pic with all 8 bulbs on. 4 blue +, 2 coral + and 2 actinic plus the two reefbrite strips. Put an orange gel filter on to try and filter out the blue look
  13. Here are a couple with the 4 of the 8 t5 bulbs still on (2 blue + and 2 actinic). I’ll try to remember to get one with the coral + bulbs on tomorrow during daytime.
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