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  1. I’m partial to the deep blue 80. Is all that rock from one shapes box? I’ve been looking into it as well but wasn’t sure if it was worth it.
  2. When I finally move to a house with a basement I can do what I want with have your aunt call me lol
  3. Congrats! My daughter just turned 1 on the 14th. Life is very different but can’t believe we ever lived without her.
  4. Newer stuff growing out. I have resorted to buying corner racks now to find space.
  5. Nice tank. Hope that’s a molt and not a shrimp in the power head 😂
  6. Always wanted a basement to put a Rubbermaid in. Looking good
  7. Unfortunately it has been chalked up to unknown. Luckily, most of the casualties were sps and since I had transitioned to zoas and some euphyllia, I didn’t lose anything too sentimental or expensive. I did lose most of a large Green Monti rock that has became part of the aquascape, so that is an eyesore currently since half is dead, but hopefully it comes back with time. I might place some encrusters on the dead part and try to spruce it up a bit. zoas seem to be doing well, same with leathers. My small torch garden seems to be happy but I do wish I could get more tentacle extension from them.
  8. Changing my screen name here to Jeremy Wade
  9. thanks again @PetesFolly got a shelf from work for iPad cases rigged up to sit on the rim and hold the trap. Works like a charm. Now the waiting begins...
  10. That would be great I am hoping I only need it for one time use. I work on 96th so that is on my way home to Fishers. I will text you this evening and see if I can swing by!
  11. I’ve been trying at night With a flashlight but still too quick for me to catch with net. Gotta figure something else out
  12. Has since eaten two more types of higher end zoas and finished off the moneyshots. He gotta go
  13. I searched the forum and found a couple posts from multiple years ago, but wanted to check on ideas currently. I’ve got a Lamarck Angelfish (supposedly Genicanthus angels are all reef safe, ehhhhh) caught him red handed destroying a few polyps of Moneyshot zoas. Whether it was algae on them or what idk but he’s gotta go. Do we still have a rental fish trap? I’m out of real estate on the bottom of the tank so maybe a floating one would work. In other news, I hope to have a fish for sale post soon
  14. Surprisingly, most zoas are back open except for a few. Torches aren’t fully extended but better than last night, and softies seem content. Gorgonian not looking as puffy but still an improvement over yesterday. Pretty much all sps and cyphastrea dead or dying, but luckily I hadn’t had that much to start with (thank goodness I had transitioned away from them or I would be devastated). It seems like my large green Monti rock that I’ve had for years is a goner, which sucks because it has grown into part of the aquascape. It isn’t all dead yet but I’d say 60-70% is dead with the rest looking like it will follow. If it all goes I’m not sure if I’d keep it since it would be an eyesore, but multiple fish hide in it at night so I don’t know. Still not sure what happened, and it’s extra weird that it seemed to go bad in a day and kill some items, but then revert back to normal for the most part. The strange adventures of reefing...
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