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  1. Starting this up finally to track progress for myself. Finally somewhat picture worthy after getting some stuff organized and not just thrown around the sand bed. Still some work to go.
  2. Got something figured out thank you!
  3. So we had a washing machine mishap and it’s looking like we need to get new floors. My 80 gallon will need to be drained and moved and I was looking to see if anyone had a large Rubbermaid tub or trough that I could borrow for temporary housing of the inhabitants. I am in Pendleton right off I-69 near Hamilton town center. Anybody have any large containers I could borrow for maybe a week or so, depending on how long this takes? It looks like they are talking about starting sometime next week assuming all goes well with the insurance company. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hey all I’m slowly piecing together equipment for a downsizing build. The tank is a 40 gallon Innovative Marine tank. I plan on using 2 of my AI Prime HDs and spacing 3 15” reefbrite xho strips around them. Left to right: strip prime strip prime strip. I am trying to find ideas for a nice way of mounting them above the tank. I want to really take my time to make this build look nice and built to last. Does anybody have experiences building or fabricating hanging canopies? I have zero skills in the building category, but was thinking maybe a nice finished open canopy and then mounting the lights to a flat wood square that lays inside the canopy. Or I’m open to ideas. SoS help!
  5. I have that same hammer pic screenshotted in my phone album of aquascape ideas.
  6. I’m partial to the deep blue 80. Is all that rock from one shapes box? I’ve been looking into it as well but wasn’t sure if it was worth it.
  7. When I finally move to a house with a basement I can do what I want with have your aunt call me lol
  8. Congrats! My daughter just turned 1 on the 14th. Life is very different but can’t believe we ever lived without her.
  9. Newer stuff growing out. I have resorted to buying corner racks now to find space.
  10. Nice tank. Hope that’s a molt and not a shrimp in the power head 😂
  11. Always wanted a basement to put a Rubbermaid in. Looking good
  12. Unfortunately it has been chalked up to unknown. Luckily, most of the casualties were sps and since I had transitioned to zoas and some euphyllia, I didn’t lose anything too sentimental or expensive. I did lose most of a large Green Monti rock that has became part of the aquascape, so that is an eyesore currently since half is dead, but hopefully it comes back with time. I might place some encrusters on the dead part and try to spruce it up a bit. zoas seem to be doing well, same with leathers. My small torch garden seems to be happy but I do wish I could get more tentacle extension from them.
  13. Changing my screen name here to Jeremy Wade
  14. thanks again @PetesFolly got a shelf from work for iPad cases rigged up to sit on the rim and hold the trap. Works like a charm. Now the waiting begins...
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