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  1. I've sent a couple requests over for help with this error message and haven't heard back, anyone have any ideas? Sorry, there is a problem You do not have permission to view this content. Error code: 1F176/3
  2. Built a light mount out of extruded aluminum from the same site, mix of different profiles.
  3. Tank is cycled and I've moved my "Nemo" inhabitants from their old 80 gallon over so far and a few frags from the other systems. Need to pick up a blue light filter that will work with my new phone so sorry if things are a bit washed out!
  4. Doing some cleaning this weekend so decided it was a good time for an update! Sump is wired up with skimmer, refugium area, auto top off, and carbon reactor running.
  5. Thank you! I think if I were to go any larger than 150 gallons, the 45 degree corner braces like Tidal Gardens used on their new tank stands would be worth while for extra rigidity.
  6. Thanks! That small amount of plumbing was probably 4 hours of measurements and figuring for me before it all come together lol.
  7. This post is not so much about the stand any more, the build is progressing and all the plumbing is done! Schedule 80 from Menards, minus the gate valve, for a clean uniform look.
  8. Progress Update: Stand came together perfectly with space for the 75gal sump & 23gal rubbermaid ATO reservoir, and is rock solid with the tank in place! Plumbing is next
  9. I'm also considering building a light mount with the aluminum as well! They carry the smaller sizes in black which makes for a clean look, and you can find cable management clips made specifically for T-Slot.
  10. So I wanted to share my experience building a stand for a new 150 gallon tank I'm working on. I used the same method to build the one for my 80 gallon tank as well! First step was to measure the new tank and decide what I wanted the dimensions of the stand to be. From here it was just a matter of playing around in Google SketchUp to design the new stand. Great tool that's free and easy to learn, make your mistakes in there before ordering anything! In my experience 45 series 10mm slot extrusion is a great fit for stands from a price to performance standpoint. The website https://www.tnutz.com/ is where I have sourced the aluminum and accessories for my different projects. They cut everything to your specs exactly and ship in a timely manner. It's somewhat time consuming to used the "inside corner gussets" and hammer bolts to connect everything, but it gives the stand great rigidity! I recommend buying additional hammer nuts and bolts off Amazon for attaching other accessories like the power strip pictured as they will be less expensive. I'll update this post as I make progress on the build, and feel free to share any questions or feedback if you have experience building with aluminum extrusions as well!
  11. Hey here is the link to the kit, only $12.00 now! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0179JX8GC/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 As for the range it is pretty poor, but that's to be expected without the ability to adjust the "zoom". I've used it on corals before but with the phone in a waterproof bag style case I use when kayaking. I give most of the credit to the phone for sure! Definitely one of the best out there, and the best I've used.
  12. Just wanted to share some cool pictures I got of a spaghetti worm and asterina star this morning! This is shot on my Pixel 2 XL with a $15 amazon lenses kit!
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