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  1. This will be a hard one for me to be able to come help. I could probably help the last few hours if I am able to leave work a little early. Surprised they are not doing this on a weekend or after 5pm.
  2. I was able to find their facebook post and share it to the INDMAS page.
  3. Scott do we have any marketing material for this? I was going to post something on the Facebook page about it.
  4. We will not be able to make this one. Sad to not be able to see the tank.
  5. I will not be able to make this meeting. We will be driving back from Hilton Head that day.
  6. We just found out we are able to setup the night before Friday from 6-9PM. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!
  7. Thanks, I also marked your invoice as paid cash so you show as a member now.
  8. We have published the ReefTrader for the INDMAS 2023 Swap! https://www.reeftrader.com/swaps/120 You can use this now to list your available frags and reserve items from vendors!
  9. We can look at setting one up. I do not know who has the account for the club. @SilentNight1793 Do you guys have the login info for the clubs Reef Trader account?
  10. So I am looking at picking up some of the plastic tanks for my mixing station I am going to be building. Noticed there is a place called Plastic-Mart that has a location up in Gary. I am planning on ordering some tanks through them and driving up to pick them up as freight on these things is crazy! Makes a 550$ purchase closer to 1100$ with the crazy freight fees. My question is anyone else looking to buy tanks for a water mixing station? I thought if anyone else was interested I could pick them up while I am there and maybe they could pitch in gas money since the savings on freight make this an easier bullet to bite. Let me know, like I said this is just a planned purchase and it could be a month or two until I am ready to do this. -Kyle
  11. I can help next week. Will be gone this weekend. He is only a few doors down from me.
  12. I will be there, Ross had a great food spread last year. Excited to see what is there this year!
  13. Would you be able to help with both tear down and working a door shift?
  14. Please make sure you guys provide short sizes so we can order them.
  15. We are needing volunteers for the swap as we cannot run this without you the members! These are the slots needed: Vendors Set Up 7AM-11AM (At least 5) tanknovice ddeurloo kyle079 cmrun Speaker Room 10AM-12PM (TBD, Working on getting a speaker setup) Front Door Two Shifts (At least 2 per shift) 10AM-1PM 1PM-3PM Raffle 11:30AM-4PM (At least 2) Tear down everyone 4PM-5PM (At least 5) kyle079 ddeurloo reefnfun cmrun Please provide your shirt size as well so we can order the correct size and number of volunteer shirts. Thank you to all our members for taking the time to make this great event possible! Thank You, INDMAS Staff
  16. As is tradition we will be collecting frag donations to give to new members at this years frag swap. This is a great way for us to get new members and help them start this amazing hobby! Each person that donates 5 frags will be entered into a raffle at the May meeting. Please consider donating for this wonderful club tradition by replying below. Thank you for helping get the next generation of club members excited to be a part of our great club!
  17. INDMAS is pleased to announce the 2023 Frag Swap! When: Saturday March 11th from Noon-4PM Where: NORTHSIDE EVENTS CENTER AND SOCIAL CLUB (KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS) - 2100 E 71ST STREET INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46220 Over the past year the club has been hard at work to bring you one of the top swaps in the Midwest. There are multiple threads in this forum that should answer a lot of your questions. If you do not find it please ask. Returning again as our Platinum Event Sponsor: The Reef Aquarium Shop Gold Level Sponsor and sponsor of the young hobbyist tank give away is Premium Aquatics Gold Level Sponsor Modern Aquatix Some of the amazing vendors coming to the show: Jason Fox Eye Candy Corals Pop Corals Goat Corals Easy Aqua Fish and Corals Evil Corals Cheesy Corals Coral Reef Connection Frost Corals More to come Free admission for club members, otherwise a low $10 for admittance. Membership is only $21 a year, one of the best investments you can make for your hobby! Free frag supplied by the club for new members for the first 50 new members! Food and beverage will be available on-site via the Northside Events Center and Conference Club. Oh wait almost forgot to mention fabulous raffle prizes, with the Grand Prize being a Neptune Systems Trident donated by The Reef! Schedule of Events on Saturday March 11th: Noon to 4PM - Frag Swap open 2PM to 4PM - Raffle drawings (must be present to win) 4PM - Show closes Excited to see everyone there! INDMAS Staff
  18. I will be there, trying to find a sitter so my wife can come too. I will be participating in the exchange and will bring stroganoff meat balls with noodles.
  19. I am checking with Betsy, but we should be able to do October.
  20. Booked for Thursday to Sunday!
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