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  1. I will be there. Trying to get a sitter lined up so Betsy can come too. I will be bringing buffalo chicken dip with chips.
  2. Late response, but I will be there tomorrow!
  3. Had a great time at the meeting. Thanks everyone for being so welcoming. Ross awesome tank and thanks again for the frag, will make a great addition to the tank!
  4. I am going to try and make it, depends how the roads are come Saturday! This would be my first meeting.
  5. I am going to try to come. Excited to attend my first meeting!
  6. Hey all! I have been a long time lurker of the Saltwater Hobby, following forums and watching videos since I was 13 (Now 30). Well I finally pulled the trigger and am starting a tank! A few weeks ago I ordered 50 lbs of dry rock from BRS. It is currently in a brute in the garage cycling. Added Dr. Tim's one and only about a week ago and did my initial dose of ammonia. I have been doing daily tests of ammonia but have not made very much progress. Hoping to progress more over the next week. I was also able to find a used tank (40 breeder with stand, sump, return pump, 2 Kessil 160 and skimmer) that I will be picking up this Saturday. I am beyond excited to get it! Currently the only other equipment I have are a Nero 5, 150 watt heater, and some testing equipment. Any tips or tricks you recommend for a first timer? Any must have equipment? Any livestock recommendations? Thanks for any help you can provide. Really excited to get this up and running!
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