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  1. Mike, I would like to go. Doug Deurloo
  2. Thanks for hosting always nice to hang out with fish and coral people šŸ šŸ¤“
  3. Thank you Ross!! Your tank looks amazing!
  4. Cheryl and I plan on coming. We are bringing mango avocado salsa and chocolate chip cookies. Looking forward to it!
  5. Current build in progress, added fish Saturday evening.
  6. I can do Friday 5:30 -7 and Saturday at 7a if needed.
  7. Cheryl and I would still like 1/2 table each. We paid last year. Thank you!
  8. I plan on being there, Cheryl has to work unfortunately.
  9. Cheryl and I would like a 24 inch one 40$ seems fair to me.
  10. Iā€™m hoping to move my new 300 gallon planet aquarium from modern aquatix to our new house on Indianapolis west side on Saturday 5/23/20. It will probably take 6-8 people. Beer and pizza after the move. Thanks in advance.
  11. Ryan, Cheryl and I requested a hobby table with Mike in October. Just a friendly reminder šŸ‘šŸ»
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