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  1. Cheryl and I will be there. We will bring a cheese ball and participate in the gift exchange. Looking forward to it!!
  2. Scott, are you using the blue box? Several of us in the group have gone in on the fritz blue box in the past. You are welcome to join in with us on our next buy.
  3. I’m good for September
  4. I’ll volunteer for president!
  5. Thank you all for coming to the retro swap! Cheryl and I had a great time chatting with everyone! See you all next month at Modern Aquatix!
  6. Thank you for the hospitality Allen. Could you please send me the location of the frag swap Saturday. Thank you!
  7. Cheryl and I are booked! Woo hoo!
  8. We will be bringing tomato/ mozzarella salad.
  9. I subscribed, nice presentation on your videos too.
  10. Yes, thank you Bob and Marcia for hosting!
  11. I can be there for any help needed. Xl shirt
  12. We paid already too several weeks ago.
  13. My most expensive frag will be $50. Most around $20 fyi
  14. Cheryl and I would each like 1/2 table each.
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