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  1. I'll help with Saturday Raffle Security10:30 -2 (my husband will spilt the time with me). Rosy and Bill
  2. I will be there. (My husband, Bill, will be in the car.). Rosy
  3. My husband and I will be there. Rosy
  4. My husband and I plan to attend and I'll bring a tabouli salad. Rosy
  5. Rosy and spouse Bill from West Lafayette plan to attend assuming weather cooperates.
  6. Ill be at this meeting with hubby. Looking forward to it.
  7. What a fun day!!! Thank you for all the work in coordinating this outing. The cooler weather was a plus and probably kept the crowds away.
  8. Great. we are on our way. Hope to be in zoo by 11:30 but with 65 closed it may take us longer (had a student this AM so couldn’t leave earlier.) my phone number hasn’t changed. Rosy
  9. We would be interested in a tour at 11:30 if she is still free. OUR BTS is scheduled for 1;15 in the afternoon. Rosy
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