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  1. I will be there. (My husband, Bill, will be in the car.). Rosy
  2. My husband and I will be there. Rosy
  3. My husband and I plan to attend and I'll bring a tabouli salad. Rosy
  4. Hi Mike I see you are signed up for raffle security. can I take the shift from 12 to 2? Maybe that can give you a little break. Rosy
  5. Hi Mike - A change in plans from my posts Feb 27-29. I am now planning to attend the Frag Swap and I can volunteer after lecture / noon hour as we probably won't get there before 10:00 from West Lafayette. On Jan 23rd I had originally posted "I will do Saturday Raffle Security 2-4 / Medium T-shirt" but I can stop by INDMAS table and see if / where help is needed at that time. My husband took a fall and had a surgical repair to his collarbone this past Friday (hence plan change) and has two cracked ribs so he will still not be available as a volunteer. Rosy
  6. Thanks for letting us know - what a dilemma - but guess the kid family one has comes before INMDAS family. Have fun and really wish we could have been there - long time since we missed 🤕
  7. Hi Mike - Really bummed. Due to an unanticipated need to travel to son's place in Chicago that weekend (Fr-Sat) that just came up yesterday (2/26/20) myself (member Rosy) and non-member husband Bill will not be able to fulfill our planned raffle table security tasks. So sorry for the inconvenience. Plus I'll miss the raffle and speaker ☹️. I was 2:00-4:00 and my husband 10:30-2:00 Rosy
  8. Actually, if possible, my husband /non-member Bill would like to do Saturday Raffle Security 10:30-2:00 rather than Saturday Raffle Ticket Sales 10:30-1:30. T-shirt still an XL. Thanks. See my last post above. Rosy
  9. I will do Saturday Raffle Security 2-4 volunteers. Medium T-Shirt My husband Bill (non-member) will do Indmas Table Saturday Raffle Ticket Sales 10:30-1:30. XL T-Shirt Rosy
  10. Rosy and spouse Bill from West Lafayette plan to attend assuming weather cooperates.
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