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  1. I had planned on going but an opportunity to spend a weekend with the grand daughter has arisen.... so I'll have to back out.
  2. I will be there! Looking forward to seeing everyone!
  3. Looking forward to talking some more at the next meeting at Petes folly!
  4. Thanks for coming by, good sized group for a February meeting!
  5. Glad you can make it! Connie says she has the food & snacks covered. While we'll have some refreshments if you have a preferred beverage feel free to bring it along.
  6. I will be volunteering both on Friday and Sat (when not at the hobbyist table Saturday). Will help with set up and tear down etc. Large T
  7. In and Paid Louis Gonzo in and paid
  8. Looking forward to this meeting. (Maybe a pre-dive dive for Kyle and Betsy? Just bring your mask and snorkel)
  9. What a fun night, thank you for hosting! Always good to get together with the group but really cool to see all of the various set ups you have going so well.
  10. I'm looking at the November date but am also volunteering to be on the back up list.
  11. Connie and I will be there! As requested, we will bring a sweet treat. Looking forward to seeing everyone. I will be participating in the Beluga exchange.
  12. I will not be able to make this meeting due to the change in dates. ๐Ÿ˜”
  13. I'll be there! Who will be bringing frags???? I bet Doug and Cheryl may have one or two for sale or trade!
  14. I will make it to the meeting. I look forward to seeing all of you there!
  15. Sorry for the late response, just back from vacation and I will plan on attending!
  16. Connie and I will be there. We'll bring potato salad.
  17. I see a lot of write-ups on various websites regarding co2 scrubbers and Ph and ALK being areas of issue. Since I do not run a scrubber I'll let someone else or other websites be your guide. I agree the dkh reading is quite low and Calc quite high it may be helpful to look at lowering Calcium (maybe even by a water change)... why type of test kits are you using? Has anyone else tested your water to verify (roughly) your readings? The good news is the corals look good (which is why I ask about getting confirmation on your test readings). A water change may be enough to make a gradual change and maybe a short term best solution. My two cents anyway... of course, I usually don't get a penny for my thoughts...
  18. I'll be there. Really looking forward to seeing the new system.
  19. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend....๐Ÿ™
  20. How does the turf scrubber work for you? Are you seeing a lot of algae growth in the scrubber and are you then harvesting that algae with any frequency? You may want to "find" that star fish as its demise might be part of that rise in nitrates. I agree with SilentKnight you may want to consider some form of bacterial additive and get into a regular schedule with filter cleaning. I still occasional use Bactiv on my 20+ year old system and there are other bacteria additives in the market that are good. Also, I see you have a fairly deep sand bed. Many people like and advocate for that type of system however, given past neglect, you may want to "vacuum" a section of the bed with each water change. Maybe 20% of the sand with each water change. (just a guess but do it small stages). Before I began with corals 5 years ago, and just had a fish and live rock tank, my nitrates also ran very high. It never seemed to bother my fish, but algae grew like crazy. Keeping up the water changes will help (they certainly helped me)! It will just take more time, be patient. You may find in the future that more changes to your system are needed depending on what you are wanting to achieve. You should come to our monthly meeting, its mostly experienced reef keepers socializing and having fun. Usually there is an educational topic, but meeting the group you will find they are happy to help you. You'll also see some really nice reefs and learn how the host of the month is running their system.
  21. Just an update, but I will be bringing Li Smokies.
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