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  1. Any one missing their Ray Bans? Found on the bar counter.
  2. What a great time! (Even in spite of the short rain delay) All the pitch in food was great, and the company even better! Thank you all for coming... so far everything is on track to make it until 1:30 this afternoon so I think the host and hostess will make it 😏.
  3. Hollyhock chicken on order, peach-mango sorbet made (Connie added Proseco for fun), stocking up on beverages later today!
  4. Badminton net set up... international (Martin)course croquet is going through final certification. Both tasks required the consumption of adult beverages to fully complete. Hmmm, maybe I should work on the tank because it looks like, yikes!
  5. Connie has her non-member give-away. So, she's excited to have that squared away! Hopefully I'll have my act together by then. We look forward to seeing everyone.
  6. Please note (Mr. Duffy) No Mermaids allowed!😁
  7. The tank and your home have had a lot of upgrades and improvements over the last year. Everything looks great! Thank you for hosting!
  8. Shaping up to be a nicely attended meeting, looking forward to seeing Mikes system and how it is progressing. I will be there +1.
  9. For those Apex users, I was looking at using a magnetic probe holder for 4 probes... it seems like most have a number of negative reviews. What are you using? Do you have a recommendation?
  10. Mike, Ill be there for set up Friday, set up and tear-down on Sat. (at my table during the swap). Large shirt.
  11. Great to see everyone! Bob and Marcia, thank you for hosting. The tank is looking great!
  12. Tom, looking forward to meeting you at Bob's on Saturday. Welcome to INDMAS!
  13. I have the right date this timeπŸ™„, so I will be there.
  14. I'll take a shot at it again this year, put me in for a spot. Thanks
  15. Becoming a member is a good call, coming to a meeting is even better as you can talk with a number of people with experience in the hobby. (Also, seeing the various systems in the group and learning from our successes or mistakes.)
  16. I believe BRS has a series on cycling a tank in this fashion. One of my take aways is that while they help delay some of the ugly stage of cycling, the tank will still go through a stage where algae is going to grow heavily. That being said, the bottled bacteria does prevent or lessen the odds that other unfriendly bacteria like cyano etc. will take hold. My limited understanding but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express one time...
  17. After several changes in my schedule, I'll be able to make it!
  18. Happy to host the June meeting.
  19. Sorry, I look forward to this meeting but cannot make it this year. I like the idea of the additional field trip too. I'll have to make that pilgrimage to Lafayette myself one of these days.
  20. Wow, what a nice system! Too bad more did not attend it was a fun meeting... well except for that nomination thing!
  21. I will be able to make this meeting. Looking forward to seeing the progress and growth in the system! Will the mermaid make her appearance?
  22. I will not be able to make this meeting... like Bob, tailgating season!
  23. Thank you for hosting. I'll agree with the other notes above well worth the drive, awesome tank and system! Enjoyed meeting some of the "Rushville 4".
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