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    125G 22 yr old ocellaris, 17 yr Sailfin, 9 yr Coral Beauty, 8.5 yr. bicolor angel, various other roommates 2 to 6 years.

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  1. Not sure how bad you have them in your tank. I hate that kind of stuff as those minor pests always seem to grow like crazy in my tank. Melev has a short article on them claiming to be reef safe filter feeders.... I suspect if the are on a flat surface they could be scraped off. Depending on what is in your system maybe a little Valentini Puffer may work but they can also go after snails, shrimp, crabs.
  2. When I moved to Indy from Chicago, years ago, I did something similar using buckets with lids. OR even buckets with garbage can liner bags that can be tied shut to prevent splash or spills during the drive. You will have to figure on system disruption so having some purchased bacteria for the restart may help. If you need to borrow a few buckets w/o lids let me know. Not sure about the best way to keep the water warm (Hand warmer packets and blankets around the outside of the bucket??. I'm sure there is a better way. Good Luck with the move!
  3. Sign me up for the Sat am set up. Will also make it Friday eve.
  4. Great meeting as usual! Enjoyed seeing all of you there. Thank you Mike and Debbie for hosting. While the tank is evolving it looks like many things are coming around nicely. No doubt it will be awesome in no time.
  5. I should be able to make the meeting. I'll need to buy a calendar And want to see how that 17 year old Sailfin Tang is doing!
  6. Thank you for hosting Amanda. Your tanks are coming along great! It was good to see of the Indmas members attending.
  7. I'm able to make it! Signed up for the food to share, will participate in the gift exchange, and will purchase a calendar. Excited to see the progress Amanda has made on here aquariums!
  8. Really good info to know for future reference. Thanks!
  9. Luis, Thank you for hosting! A very nice get together and interesting speaker. Your tank and new frag tang are looking awesome.
  10. Agreed, the Bristletooth family seems to be the best algae grazers. I found my Kole really goes after the live rock.
  11. I remember talking with you a few months back. Those tangs were big, healthy, and beautiful. Glad they were re-homed to an even larger system. Looks like you have everything cleaned up and ready to start. I'm looking forward to seeing what lies ahead!
  12. Yeah, as Ryan and BGrand mentioned, that is not the norm.
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