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    125G 22 yr old ocellaris, 18 yr Sailfin, 10.5 yr Coral Beauty, 10 yr. bicolor angel, various other roommates 2 to 6 years.

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  1. As mentioned above, If you want to see some of the new concepts come to the April meeting! Mike has an awesome system. There is always something to learn, and many people to talk to about their experiences.
  2. We will be there! Can't wait to see how the new system is progressing!
  3. Yes, it was a nice tank. The new one will be even better!
  4. A big thank you to Aaron and his family for stepping up and hosting this meeting! For a "newer" system that was awesome. Well Done!
  5. I will also look to try a 4 foot spot and will use the 2020 payment.
  6. I am happy to be there both on Friday and Saturday.
  7. Wow, very cool. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Looking forward to seeing the tank after a year of growth. The larger sailfin will also turn 18 in January.
  9. A very nice gathering, Thank you and Chanel for hosting! I know you were fussing earlier this year about your tank but it looks Awesome!
  10. Jim, I don't know if you know this BUT - acknowledging that you know Mike, obligates you to take a board position.... just ask Bob - Pete'sfolly.
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