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  1. Welcome to Indmas - Looking forward to seeing you at the swap and future meetings!
  2. Anyone else able to make it? Mike has an awesome system he has put together over this past year! You should check it out in person.
  3. Awesome! Looking forward to coming to this meeting. I'll have to polish up on my axe throwing (lack of) skills.ūüėÄ Count me in!
  4. I'm glad that all of you were able to make it today, it was great to see everyone. Fun day! Thanks.
  5. I hope he is on the mend and feeling well soon. Hope to see you at the July meeting.
  6. I agree with Mike - Taxman. (will take your recommendation on the brew, Ryan!) Also - back by popular demand we will be serving Hollyhock Hill Chicken.... so let me know if your coming for head count purposes. We will have room / seating with tables indoors and outside so all can keep their distance as they want. Last check on weather showed sunny and mid-70's on Saturday.
  7. We are looking forward to seeing everyone! Finally time to get together for a positive event.
  8. The tank I have is a 15 gallon closed container, bought at the frag swap three years ago. Not sure if you want just an open trough or a closed tank but for that size my recommendation is to go to the Indmas site and write a post for "in search of"... exactly what you want. Folks there will point you in the right direction. I do know Mike762 fairly recently purchased two large closed containers for his new system to collect RO and to mix salt in a separate container both are in the size range you are seeking. You may want to check with him also. Good luck.
  9. Ohhhhh, that is sad indeed. I am sorry to hear that. Angels aren't known for being jumps compared to others. What a shame.
  10. Amanda,


    I do have a larger water container. I believe I bought it from Luke at a swap but never used it as it would not fit in a smaller cabinet intended for ATO. Give me a ring on my cell and we can discuss 317-443-7192.


    1. cmrun
    2. PetesFolly


      Lol, I have the same one and bought it at the same time.  Never have used it either!  Although, I still think it is a great container.  Just haven't found a good use for it with my set up.

    3. MrsBugmaster


      I did find one. Thanks

  11. I was really looking forward to this weekend. (I can't help but think the public reaction is getting over blown and this whole deal is becoming more and more a media circus) but agree, we should err on the side of caution.... glad we can look at alternative date of Aug 8th. I appreciate all the work Mike, Bob, and the board has put into this event and coming to this difficult decision. That's a lot of stress and hassle. So, anyone wanna buy some frags? .. {Buy one frag get a free roll of TP??} Be well fellow reefers!
  12. Not sure how bad you have them in your tank. I hate that kind of stuff as those minor pests always seem to grow like crazy in my tank. Melev has a short article on them claiming to be reef safe filter feeders.... I suspect if the are on a flat surface they could be scraped off. Depending on what is in your system maybe a little Valentini Puffer may work but they can also go after snails, shrimp, crabs.
  13. When I moved to Indy from Chicago, years ago, I did something similar using buckets with lids. OR even buckets with garbage can liner bags that can be tied shut to prevent splash or spills during the drive. You will have to figure on system disruption so having some purchased bacteria for the restart may help. If you need to borrow a few buckets w/o lids let me know. Not sure about the best way to keep the water warm (Hand warmer packets and blankets around the outside of the bucket??. I'm sure there is a better way. Good Luck with the move!
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