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  1. Going to bring a couple different zoanthid frags. Eagle eyes, and what was bought as fools gold. They are on frag plugs. And two types of mushrooms. A rhodactis, green bounce, and a Superman mushroom. On live rock. I don’t have any pics on hand, and doubt I will have time to before the meeting. I do have a bright neon green Sinularia. It’s a good size mini colony. But it still has the rubber bands on it. Looks like it might be based, but don’t want to take them off yet. If someone is wanting one, I can bring it. They are slow growers! Might have a pic of that somewhere. Let me know if you would like to see it. All items will be more than fair priced, needing room more that money. Lol Looking forward to meeting everyone!
  2. Might be interested in a JF Solar Flare. Have any pics?
  3. Gotcha. Thank you very much!
  4. Ok. I paid my membership in late Jan-Feb. It was like 3 weeks before the frag swap.
  5. Hello. New to this forum. I am trying to post in the rental section, however there isn’t a button available for me to do so. Is there a page that will tell me all the requirements needed to post there? Just trying to rent the par meter. Thanks for any help.
  6. Thank you. What is the deposit, and who do I talk to about using it?
  7. I will be there. Maybe + 1. What’s the chance of borrowing the par meter at this meeting? And is there a deposit to do so?
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