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  1. Sounds good! I will go ahead and put that on my tank. Thanks to all who replied.
  2. Hello all, I have been running my Nuvo 10 for about a month and a half now and need to get an auto top off. I figured I would use an old one I had but it doesn’t work properly and the float switch gets stuck on the on position. I need advice on what kind of ato to get for a nano tank like this. I’m skidish to use the tunze nano due to reviews and the fact that it uses only a float switch. In a large system the normal one works great as you have more room for the auto shut off to work but in five minutes my tank would be over flowing and salinity levels bottomed out. An
  3. Hey everyone, I was in the reef tank hobby back in high school a few years ago. I’m getting back into it with a nano tank as that’s what space will allow for, and would like some advice. Soon I will be starting my tank and would like to know how you all go about getting the tank cycled and ready for fish and corals. I’ve seen some great tanks that are setup all in one day and never have an issue like the cube from Reef Builders. I’ve also seen tanks where the cycle was done over a four month period. When I first started I took the longer approach but didn’t really look into any other
  4. I'll have to figure out how to post pictures on here. I hope to have them up tonight.
  5. I'm ready as well but I know there is a winter storm moving in on the northern part of the state.
  6. My father would also like a Wyoming white
  7. Scratch that. I would like a Wyoming white and a semi Picasso sorry for that switch
  8. Go to a store that sells fly tying hooks. They are usually used to catch fish using a fly pole. Buy the tiniest hook they sell which is usually in the 25-32 range. Tie some thread onto it and drop it by him and hold on tight! I've caught many fish this way that were in places I couldn't get or wouldnt fall for other methods
  9. I am new to LEDs and I have heard of people buying and selling black box LEDs and I am curious since they are so much cheaper if they are worth the trouble of buying. Does anyone in the community use these, and if so what kind of growth from coral do you get?
  10. My father added that to his nano along with a UV sterilizer and it cleared his entire tank of algae.
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